Laura Dern announces the death of his goldfish, so 14 years!



Celebrities are accustomed to pay tribute to their pets on social networks, when the time comes to say goodbye, especially to thank you for all the love and company that they’ve provided.

As a general rule it is usually cats or dogs -the month of November, the former football player, Tim Tebow thrilled the whole world with the publication of a video, saying goodbye through tears of his dog before euthanasia, but the actress Laura Dern, he wanted to give the same treatment to the end of the red fish.

The interpreter of ‘Big Little Lies’ has shared this Wednesday, in his account of Instagram a photo of your pet who seems to eat safely in your fish tank to mourn his loss. “May you rest in peace our wonderful red fish. I wanted to very much,” he wrote in a difficulty, next to the image.

What really drew the attention of his followers was the second part of the epitaph, in the sense that it reveals the age that has killed their fish: at the age of 14 years.

Even if the life expectancy of this species can reach up to fifteen years or more in the aquarium, and always receive the appropriate care, it is normal to die at about four or five or even sooner if you live in fish tanks-so fans of the performer are reminded that it is was lucky to be able to enjoy time on your part.