Karolina Kowalkiewicz reveals the terrible wounds in the face after the UFC Auckland


Karolina Kowalkiewicz, peleadora Polish and former competitor for the title of UFC, you should go to pavilion and have a surgery after his last defeat in the UFC, Auckland.

The former contestant for the title of weight straw lost by the unanimous decision of china Yan Xiaonan, in a battle that has led the board for star of the UFC New Zealand.

According to Kowalkiewicz, suffered an eye injury during the first round, which made it difficult for his vision during the rest of the meeting. In a video posted on his Instagram, the athlete from poland, 34 years old, has revealed the extent of their injuries and added that it will take you to surgery to repair the damage caused.

“The first time in my life after the fight, I can’t say that I’m okay,” he said Kowalkiewicz. “As you can see, at the beginning of the first lap I broke a small bone (under the eye). I couldn’t see anything. My vision was double and everything was as in a fog. After the fight, I spent the entire day in the hospital,” said the peleadora Polish.

“Today I am going to a specialist and they will make a decision. Why do I need an operation and are awaiting a decision, or I can go to Poland and do this operation in Poland. The doctors said that I have to stay here because flying with this eye is very dangerous,” he said Kowalkiewicz.

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