Joe Biden, a liberal


01 July 2020 – 11:40 p. m.

Jorge Restrepo Pots

“A liberal tends to be skeptical, someone who is tentative, even those truths that are more expensive. This skepticism on your own it is precisely what allows you to be tolerant and conciliation with the beliefs and the beliefs of others, even if they are very different from yours. This open spirit, able to change and overcome your own beliefs, it is not uncommon, and often inconceivable to those who, like many conservatives, you think you have reached some absolute truth, invulnerable to any challenge or criticism.”

This paragraph masterfully pulled out the book ‘The call of the tribe ” by Mario Vargas Llosa and to express without hesitation that in the literature of political science has passed from my eyes, I have not found a better definition of what it means to be liberal, as it is not the one who gave Carlos Lozano and Lozano -former president of the Republic – the weekly ‘Saturday’ in 1944, when, in answer to his own question: “why am I a liberal?”.

In this book the nobel peruvian, of which the first edition in Colombia went out in 2018, Vargas Llosa makes a couple of sketches of the magnificent great thinkers that inform the liberal ideology, in many different cultures. Through its pages parade of Adam Smith, José Ortega y Gasset, Friedrich Von Hayek, karl Popper, Raymond Aron, Isaiah Berlin and Jean-François Revel, a dazzling pleiad of teachers of political philosophy, that all of the liberals -the real, not the mercenaries you should study in order to understand the commitment they have with their political belief, which goes beyond the elections and public posts, that is the y coordinate where Cesar Gaviria put the old and glorious Liberal Party.

No one, in this phase of the campaign, it is going to tear Joseph Biden the nomination of the Democratic Party, whose ultimate goal is to expel of the White House to the cretin Donald Trump, whose errors cost America to lose world leadership that took over after the Second World War.

Joe Biden was a great vice-chairman of the Obama administration, which has stressed as a man aware of the complexity of a government as complex as that of his homeland. For eight years he presided over the Senate and has shown us his serenity, and the respect for the rights of republicans. This is an authentic liberal, that falls within the definition of Vargas Llosa.

In the month of November will be the presidential elections. At this time, Biden takes advantage of his rival, the barbarian ricachón, that is a mystery to me, because I can’t figure out how they were able to choose if they all knew of his improper conduct to be the president of this great nation.

I hope that Joe Biden chosen as his formula for vice president, a woman of color, who has been called the afro-descendant population, is of influence today in american politics. Michelle Obama to leave on a waiting list for 2024.

The purpose of the lady. Obama, I recommend the reading of “My story”, his autobiography, which is a real delight because it displays their commitment to the reef in order to overcome the discrimination suffered by the people of his race in the united States. In addition, the book has been produced in Colombia has a Spanish translation is perfect, and his reading is a gift of the spirit. Netflix has a wonderful documentary on the promotional tour for the book, which has sold over 30 million copies.

Michelle Obama deserves to be president of his nation.