Jennifer Aniston’s unrecognizable with face cloths, but with a strong message about its use


Jennifer Aniston has issued a blunt message in his account of Instagram (Photo: Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni
Jennifer Aniston has issued a blunt message in his account of Instagram (Photo: Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni

Jennifer Aniston wants to raise awareness about the importance of using masks to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Through its account of Instagram, the actress posted a photo in which she posed with a black mask.

In three paragraphs, the actress explained that while it understood the inconvenience it means to use the mask all the time, is an object that has become essential in these difficult times.

“I understand that the mask is uncomfortable and inconvenient. But, whatI do not think that it is worse than the closed society, who are losing jobs and the health of workers are approaching to the fatigue absolute? And this virus has taken the lives of many people, because we’re not doing enough,” began the Aniston in his questioning.

Aniston said that this computer is used for personal protection, should not be politicized, as have many people in the video have become viral, and this does not mean that the authorities are trying to take away their rights to the public. But that is a recommendation easy to follow, and that can save thousands of lives.

Aniston has shown that it is not so difficult to use this item (Photo: Instagram@jenniferaniston)
Aniston has shown that it is not so difficult to use this item (Photo: Instagram@jenniferaniston)

“I really believe in the basic goodness of people, so I know that we can all do this, BUT there are still many people in our country who refuse to take the steps necessary to flatten the curve and stay safe. The people seem to be troubled by the fact that their rights will be taken away ” when you ask them to wear a mask. This recommendation is simple and effective is the politicization at the expense of people’s lives. And really it should not be a debate” he has shared the 51 year-old woman.

It ended with an emphatic declaration: “If you care about human lifeplease, only use a damn mask” he said. And also asked acquaintances for help to drive more people to use these items. “Encourage the people around you to do the same”, he asked.

Coupled with this, the protagonist of The Morning Show also added some tweets inside stories of this same account.

“We have just received the 2.16 million cases in the UNITED states. Please absorb the information and to stop thinking that it is safe to leave. It is not. The only reason that places are opening is because the economy is in decline, NOT BECAUSE IT’s SAFE. Not care give a fuck,” said the tweet of a nurse, a native of Baja California.

“If you care about human life, please, just use a damn mask,” were the blunt words of Aniston (Photo: Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni)

“WEAR MASKS and be responsible,” he wrote Aniston with an emoji followed by some hands that come together. In addition, she shared the video, published by the editor of the magazine Style, Laura Brownthat this request, in addition to a photo in which the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, explained the proper way to use them.

The coronavirus again to the upside

According to the journal The New York Timesthe cases COVID-19 has increased 80% during the last two weeks. This Tuesday, the country reached the figure of 2.629.372 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 127.322 deceasedin accordance with the separate count of the Johns Hopkins University.

New York is still maintained, as the state hardest hit by the pandemic, with 393.454 confirmed cases, and 32.032 deceased, a figure just below that of Brazil, the United Kingdom and Italy. Only in the city of New York are dead 23.096 people.

New Jersey has already 15.035 dead, Massachusetts, 8.053, and Illinois, 6.923. Other states with a high number of deaths in Pennsylvania, with 6.649, Michigan, with 6.193, California, 6.013, and Connecticut, with 4.322. In terms of infections, California the second place in the standings, behind New York, with 226.851.


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