Is said to have occurred after that Harvey Weinstein invited Maddie Ziegler on a plane with him


The singer of “Chandelier”, has said that he has continued to work with the young dancer in new video, guided tours and projects, in part to try to keep it safe.

If there is another artist most associated with Both you have to be a dancer Maddie Ziegler. The couple has collaborated with many video, and shows and concerts and tours together, it is difficult to imagine one without the other.

In a new interview, now says that was part of a plan from your part and an effort to keep it safe for the young dancer. In fact, their instinct to protect the first “Mothers dance” star, also extended to a strange encounter with the Hollywood mogul in disgrace Harvey Weinstein.


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“It has been held by a plane Harvey Weinstein I tried to put “, said that Both the Zach Sang Show Wednesday. “I know that there are times when my vision has really made a difference, how to keep it safe.”

“Yes, that was really disgusting,” said the singer. “When I was invited, was when I called (Ziegler mother) MelissaI had to do. I just said “please, don’t do that”.

Sia and Ziegler began working together when Maddie was 11 years old, and immediately felt “this compulsion to the extreme to protect her” that has not wavered with the years. “I simply love you like a mother,” he said.

He had to admit the irony that, while hiding behind the wigs in order to avoid the increase of the attention on her, she was pushing the star of “Dance Moms” fame, even more than what I already knew with all the music videos later.


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“She told me:” don’t be silly, he was already famous and wanted to be famous, “ he remembered. “I would like to say, ‘you know, you can stop at any time, right? If you want to stop, I can make it stop. You can go back to being a normal person again’. But she just said: “No, I love acting. I love to dance and I like to act.”

Since their first collaboration, Ziegler has continued his rise to stardom, with different projects, as the judge of the reality show, a memory (with only 15 years!), The work of voice-overs for animation and action films, including the upcoming remake of West side Story.”

And has continued to work with Both, appearing most recently, together with Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr., for his seventh music video general together.


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And despite all this, Sia has been there, joking that it could also be seen as a “nuisance” by the manager of Ziegler to do these things, as if to suggest that Ziegler not to take a next movie project.

“I heard that the movie was not good enough for her, and I called Melissaand he said: “do Not do this, as if this was not good for his career.” It is not good for your credibility in the long term. This is not a good co-star with whom to be in a movie, ” he said, joking, but without telling to the film, nor his co-star.

What Ziegler rejected, or we will have to examine each project’s most recent and next to try to see what and who was trying to protect?

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