Is announcing that it is already a grandma at 44 years of age


After revealing that he had adopted two young girls last year, Both has announced that it has became a grandmother at age 44.

In an interview for Apple Music, the singer said that his youngest son has made his debut as a father of two children and one that will be the way in which her family refers to her as Lovey, something similar to what was done by Kris Jenner not to call you ‘grandma’.

“I was horrified. No, I’m happy of the fact. They call me ‘Nana’, but I’m trying to get you to call me “Lovey”, as Kris”.

The interpreter of “Elastic Heart” has spoken about the adoption, and the reason why he decided to do so.

“I’m a little tired of after having examined the adoption of the system, as well as what I’ve done in the last year. We are failing and I do not speak of my own experience, but for my children. They were in 18 different families in their 18 years of life.”

The australian has made it clear that the well-being of your children is the most important purpose.

“I would say ‘you Could do this, or you can go back to where you came from’, which is not a pleasant life. It is not a good life and say ” I Do this because I am your mother and I love you.”