I am ready to return to the court and to travel again


Coconut Gauff: I'm ready to go to the court and to travel again

American teenager Coco Gauff says he is ready to return to the courts and compete in the tour and says that playing without fans it will be easier for her, because she was accustomed to the same in the circuit as a young man.

Coconut Gauff if you can play the US Open

In a statement to BBC Sport, Gauff has talked about playing the US Open without a fan. “It will be easier for me to deal with. I have only been on tour for a year, so I return to my early years, when we didn’t have a lot of people, when they are only your parents in the tournament, I’m going back to my, I guess, my home.

I am ready to return to the court and to travel again. I like to travel more than I like to stay home, ” Gauff said that he is trying to learn how to deal with all the attention he provides and advice that he received from one of its models.

– Michelle Obama has been very useful. “I’m just myself, I really do not focus of the camera. I’m just myself and hope that it works. She (Michelle Obama), gave me excellent advice. She is a great source of inspiration for everyone around the world, not only because she was the first woman.

She continues to push the boundaries for women of color, ” The american, who has risen in the rankings in the last 12 months, says that he also wants to be an inspiration to his younger brothers.”

My determination to win is something that always pushes me, and also, my brethren, to inspire them to get up and work hard. I know that I look, I try to be a good example. Every time I go to a tournament, I ask them what they want.

In Australia, my youngest brother, Cameron, said that he wanted a necklace of shark teeth and my brother Cody, 12 years old, asked for the 1%, or it could have been 10% of my prize money.

Is so money-oriented, which is not good! I would probably start with a 50% and negotiate up to 10%! But still don’t have any ” Coconut Gauff is the youngest player in the world ranking of the top 100, and has a ranking of No.

in his career. 49 in the world in singles and No. 42 in doubles. Gauff won his first singles title on the WTA tour Linz Open in 2019, at the age of 15 years, the holder of the most young singles in the WTA Tour since 2004. He has also won two doubles titles WTA tour, with his compatriot Caty McNally.