Danna Paola and her casting of ‘Elite’, where he was born, Lucrecia!


For fans of Danna, Lu is also a character very specialand , therefore, has become viral in these days, the video celeb had already shared long time ago on Instagram and shows the exact moment when you touched the door of the ‘Elite’ and ended up becoming one of the main stars!


The recording appears also a composer, with loose hair and a black blouse, holding a glass of martini, while he recites one of the main scenes that give know Lucrecia Montesinos, in the first episode of the first season of ‘Elite’.

The sequence in which Danna is an audition to be part of the cast of the series, it happens during the exclusive party that you have Navy in your home. In this case, Lu will make a proposal of Nadia Shana (Mina El Hammani), but ends up being rejected by her.

“A year ago I had no idea that this audition would lead me to make a life change so drastic, and necessary, to have one of the best experiences of my life. For Me it is very surprising to see that from that day on (even though I was half asleep) hahaha’, confessed Danna Paola in a post by the end of 2017, where he also confessed that he made a special connection with Lu, from the first moment!