Chicago, and posed in the style of Angelina Jolie


There are some morning, you wake up with matted hair, dark circles under the eyes… and find it difficult to remove the pajamas, however, there are others that wake up great, as is the case of Chicago. The singer it was the first and has published this photo, that left fans speechlesssince I can not be more beautiful. “Thursday…”, wrote the spaniard, who a few days ago he celebrated his 45th birthdaynext to this perched in a sexy way and full of glamour who has been baptized with the name of “photos-mirror“. As expected, Chicago has caused a sensation, and in less than two hours managed to exceed 5,000 “likes”, in addition to receiving a myriad of compliments.


“Vestidazo”, “more” super fine”, “Divine, you look like a princess“”As glamour!”, “Before dead simple“”Every day you’re always more beautiful”, “Wow bellaaaaa”, “your not” normal”, But, oh, how sexy!”, “The dress is gorgeous, but you’re so still”, “Where are you going to be willing so soon?“, “I’m still in pajamas,” “If in front of you, I fall dead” or “Happy Thursday,” the years do not pass by you”, they told their followers to the interpreter All will be wellthat has changed the image and cut the hair.

– The sympathetic response of Chicago to those who say that it is very thin

To see so many comments, Chicago has responded to some of them in a tone of joke, saying: “I’m going to the super”, “Then we are going in July” or “Simple”, even if he confessed that he still must get the tone, and brown. “Already pillaré sun“she confessed. What is certain is that it is wonderful with tipazo with this dress, so original that reminded us that the actress has taken Angelina Jolie at the Oscars the year 2012, don’t you think? Part of the series ‘Chaotic’ signature Capriche, whose designs are totally in love with Cristina Pedroche, Dulceida, Paula Echevarría, Marta Hazas, Anna Simone…. As you can read on their official website (where you can buy it from 154,90 euro), is “a dress with the back attached, the whale, in the chest, which closes with lacing. It is made of cotton and with a fall is beautiful. It’s just… fantastic.”

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Always with a smile

Despite the complicated situation that we are experiencing because of the crisis of the coronavirus, Chicago has not lost the smile, in these months, and he tried to stay positive and with the busy mind. In addition to get more in shape than everthe singer took to cook, read… and enjoy a well deserved holiday with her boyfriend, Miguel Sánchez Encinasand your dog Shirley. In your case, has also had to face the sad news of the cancellation of your wedding due to a pandemic. “What we experienced was so difficult, there is no energy for that. A wedding is a celebration, a joy….”, there the singer said in an interview that he did for HELLO! dressed in white on the day of their “non-marriage’. “Miguel and I have already made an act of pure love, we already had a ‘yes, I do’ in each rule. I am married to him, during the confinement“said the spaniard, assuring that you will get married in the summer of 2021.