The DGCINE unit in the dominican film industry, Marché du Film, Online with the Cannes film Festival


The General Directorate of Film (DGCINE) has successfully concluded the representative of the Dominican Republic at the Marché du Film of the Cannes film Festival, which took place from June 22 to 26, in a virtual way, because of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

The Marché du Film is the biggest international meeting of professionals of the film industry. In this new form of online the participation of the sector was not the exception. The market has hosted a total 10,002 participants (producers, distributors, buyers, programmers, and more), with 323 pavilions from more than 100 countries. During these five days, were carried out more than 200 conferences; 1,235 projections and the presentation of a total of 3,500 movies and projects.

The country was a virtual pavilion, designed to highlight the benefits of the Law do Not. 108-10 for the Promotion of the Film industry in the Dominican Republic; the advantages that the country offers as a destination with a film ideal in the Caribbean, and his filmography national.

Various were the encounters with the professionals of the film industry of the world gathered at the Marché du Film Online, the hand of the dominican delegation participating. Managed connections with countries such as Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Spain, the united States, France, Jamaica, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Yvette Marichal said:

“From the DGCINE, in representation of the Dominican Republic, we are more than grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the new time in an event so important, as is the Marché du Film of the Cannes film Festival, where in spite of the global health situation, we were able to approach it in a virtual way, and it was as exciting as if we were physically there, because they are opportunities that only occur in this platform. If God permits, next year we can take our talent to the French Riviera, as usual.”

The Agenda of the Dominican Republic at the Marché du Film Online

Filming in paradise!

Panel: Shooting in paradise! by Albert Martinez, Manuela Germain, Boni Guerrero and Yvette Marichal.
As part of the activities carried out from the virtual to the pavilion of the Dominican Republic at the Marché du Film Online, the DGCINE took the panel of Filming in paradise!, where the director-general, Yvette Marichal, the guardian, Boni Guerrero, and the director of the information System and Record Movies (SIRECINE), Manuela Germain, he spoke of security and the services offered by the Dominican Republic as a destination for film in the Caribbean, as well as the legal advantages and techniques to produce and co-produce in the country. Albert Martinez, COO of the Old Media, for their part, have provided information on film studies, incentives, locations and more.

At the end of the panel, Marichal said:

“This has been a great experience. I want to thank the Marché du Film Online with the Cannes film Festival for the organization of this meeting, which has passed with success, considering everything that the world is going through in these moments. All the participants with great care and don’t forget that we will be waiting for you in our beautiful Dominican Republic.”

Dominican Projects – Pitching sessions

Presentation of the project “The Final Act”, by Chris Lopez.
The next day, they conducted a session of pitching, accompanied by a Q&A (questions and answers), in which the producers dominicans had the opportunity to present 14 film projects to potential co-producers, potential collaborators, investors, and/or sales agents.
The projects presented were the following:

“Inn”, represented by Schisell Joaquin Mena.
“15”, represented by Judith Colell, Sterlyn Ramirez and Ivette Baptist.
“App”, represented by Isaac Saviñón, and Hugo is Charged.
“The Final Act”, represented by Chris Lopez.
“Capotillo”, represented by Rosangela Crops.
“What lies in the Shadow” / “Amanda” / “live in harmony” / “the Queen of The Carnival”, represented by José Gómez.
“Paradise Hotel”, represented by Roddy Pérez.
“Green card” / “A Family in Quarantine” / “Xiguapa”, represented by Francis Disla (Indiana).
“Borders”, represented by Jalsen Santana and Leticia Brea.

Presentation of the project “Capotillo”, curated by Rosangela Crops.
Schisell Joaquin Mena, the producer of the project “Posada”, he said:

“We are very satisfied with the organization and with colleagues who were part of this process that has led us to project our cinema beyond the borders. Thanks for the opportunity”.

In this same order, the Spanish film director Judith Colell, the project “15 HOURS”, has highlighted:

“Fantastic experience on the market of Cannes, and the truth is that it was a great opportunity. I am very happy to be part of the DGCINE and the cinema of the Dominican Republic.”

Jose Gomez, who has represented the Emporio Half with three projects in the folder, What hides in the shadows, Amanda, the Coexistence and the Queen of The Carnival, said:

“Take part in ” the experience has been very important for Emporium the Media, because he has made us see that, in spite of the world situation that we are living by the pandemic, we were able to keep transcending the reach of platforms such as the Marché du Film Online with the Cannes film Festival. Thank you so much for the DGCINE, by its initiative, and How to live the Dominican Film!”

The Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde, Institut Français

Presentation of The project “without a name”, by Valeria Valentina and Fernando Santos Diaz. The feature film project of the dominican, “The no name”, which will be directed by Valeria Valentina and produced by Fernando Santos Diaz, took part in The Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde of the Institut Français.

Fernando Santos Diaz, stresses that had the opportunity to participate in the session of pitching of The Fabrique and then participated in a series of meetings where they met with co-producers from all parts of the world. “It was an unforgettable experience,” he said.

Ibermedia Show the Money

The participation of Desiree Reyes in the speech, “Ibermedia Show The Money”

The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of Spain (ICAA), has organized a talk next to the Ibermedia Program, entitled “Ibermedia Show the Money”, which counts with the participation of the producer in the dominican Desiree Reyes, Pan american Productions, along with members of the film industry in the world, who have analyzed the various tax incentives offered in the countries of the region.

Desiree Reyes stressed that the Marché du Film, in digital version, the experience has been enormous as it is a great space for filmmakers from all over the world to share their reflections on the challenges and opportunities of the sector. On the “opportunities and what they represent for our countries, for example, talks about in the panel organized by Ibermedia and the Film Institute of Spain. Great honor to be part of this group, a group of professionals who both respect and admiration that they deserve,” he stressed.

Dominican Films at Cannes

In the framework of the Marché du Film, Online, distributor, international, Global Genesis Group (GGG), with headquarters in Los Angeles and Henderson, has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the last film of the director of the dominican Leticia tonos “Mis 500 locos”.

“The story of Dr. Zaglul and his 500 crazy deserves to reach to all the ends of the earth. This new milestone brings us closer to this goal”, stressed Tones.

In the same way, the four films produced in the dominican republic were exposed in this market:

“The Hotel Coppelia”, by José María Cabral
“What I feel for you”, Raul Camilo
“The Island Broken”, by Félix Germán
“Dad,” Noelia Quintero

The screening of these films at the Marché du Film Online to create a bridge between the dominican film and the distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers, allowing the dominican film directors to expand their films to other markets.