The 10 athletes most hot Rio 2016


After discovering that male athletes most attractive part of Rio 2016, we could not leave to proudly show his female counterpart. This is why our selection.

We want a rematch. Yesterday I showed you The 10 athletes most Hot Rio 2016 and today we’re going to raise the temperature in these 10 representatives, in addition to being spectacular, they are strong women, and very disciplined. These olympic athletes warmer that will captivate you starting from tomorrow.

Mariana Pajon, Colombia, Cyclist.

Leryn Franco, Paraguay, Javelin.

Lauren Sesselmann, Canada, Football

Hope Solo, The United States, Soccer ( Goalkeeper)

Ellen Hoog, Netherlands, field Hockey.

Ana Ivanovic, Serbian, Tennis

Paola Pliego, Mexico, Fencing

Alexa Morgan, The United States, Football

Paige Spinarac, United States, Golf


A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) the

Allison Stoke, the united States, the perch.


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