Nine things you may not know about Malia Obama


Malia is the eldest daughter of Barack Obamathe former president of the united States. He was born on On July 4, 1998 in Chicago, and this Saturday, celebrating his 22nd birthday.

He arrived at the White House when he was a child of 10 years and had to adhere to the safety protocols of the Secret Service ever since I was little.

His mother, Michelle Obamahe recounts , in Becoming the most difficult thing to live in the presidential residence, was to “limit” the lives of their daughters. All the time I need to know who and where they were, who were the parents of the people they have seen. Exit without the security agents not been nor will be an option.

In spite of the privileges of which it grew, Malia Obama he traced his personal and professional journey, is an independent woman. Those who know can speak only their willingness to work, and kindness.

1) Studies at the University of Harvard

He followed in the footsteps of their parents and has studied at the prestigious Harvard universitylocated in Massachusetts. It is not specified that is the career that is studying, but his resume includes visiting professionals in the film and television production. She will graduate in 2021.

2) Speak Spanish

Malia Obama speaks Spanish. In fact, it was the personal interpreter of Barack Obama during the historic trip to Cuba in 2016. “You know, your Spanish is much better than mine,” the president said in an interview with ABC News.

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3) The Secret Service has taught me to manage

Barack Obama is not allowed to be in the car with the daughter without the supervision because of his position of high profile. Therefore, the Secret Service had to educate Malia on how to drive and park.

4) has Cleaned up his room in the White House

The Obama family had a staff at your service 24 hours a day at the White House. But Michelle Obama he has revealed that his daughters always did the homework that corresponds to the cleanliness of your room.

Malia tended his bed and did the cleanup without the apology. So yes, you may request that we prepare to eat the dish that she would like to.

5) Made professional practices in Girls

In 2015, he went to work as an intern in a series of Lena Dunham, Girls. The film was shot in Brooklyn, New York.

I had a good relationship with Lena Dunham from before you, as the writer of the commended in 2013, with a message on Twitter: “happy Birthday Malia Obama! We hope that we can be as elegant as when we grow up”.

6) Is interested in cinema studies

Malia Obama is a fan of cinema. In 2017, has received a scholarship to work in the studies of the manufacturer of HollywoodHarvey Weinstein. It is said that he worked with the writers. Was your stay before going to burst and the scandals of sexual harassment against Weinstein.

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7) The timeless advice of his mother

Michelle Obama advised his daughters all the time. But there is a board that you want to have in mind: “everyone must walk their own road”.

“It can’t be defined, looking for you, or to me or to his father. You have taken the time to get to know themselves, take a moment to discover who they want to be in the world, not that I think that I want to be, not what it says on the rest of the world. Really think about how you want to shape their life and how they want to move. I do not want to measure themselves by external influences,” said Oprah Winfrey.

8) Inherited the habit of smoking of your father

Malia has a soft spot and the cigar. On several occasions he was caught smoking next to her boyfriend. Michelle says that young people ‘inherited’ the worst habit of his father.

According to the former first lady, Barack Obama has been a lifelong smoker, before arriving at the White House. Several times he tried to fight his addiction with a chewing gum Nicorette with little success.

9) Your boyfriend is English

Rory Farquharson is the boyfriend of Malia Obama. It is in English and has also attended Harvard. The couple started their love story in 2017, when both attended the university. Farquharson undertook an internship at the Center for Democracy and Peace-Building in Northern Ireland.

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