Miles for all: LATAM and Delta are combining their frequent flyer programs


Delta and LATAM Airlines Group have reached an agreement for the launch of reciprocal frequent flyer, through the most extensive network of operators, which offers benefits to customers in more than 435 destinations around the world. In addition, operators continue to expand the code-share more flights across the region, the addition of increased connectivity to customers.

“Together with LATAM, we are building a leading association in the sector and focused on the customer that connects North America and South, as never before,” said Steve Sear, president of Global Sales. “With the reciprocity of the frequent flyer and the new choices of code-share flight, we have already begun to meet with this association to our clients, with much more to come.”

The advantages of the frequent flyer, including the accumulation and redemption of miles of mutual, will be valid for the members of Delta SkyMiles for travel on flights of LATAM April 1, 2020. The accumulation and redemption of miles in the mutual will be applicable to all flights in the networks of Delta and LATAM. It is expected that the mutual benefits of Elite, which include lounge access and priority boarding, bags, and seats, came out later in 2020.

Expanding the code-share

In addition, operators continue to expand the code-sharing across their networks. As a next step, the groups of airlines reached an agreement for the launch of code-sharing between Delta and the subsidiary of LATAM in Brazil from the first half of 2020, subject to governmental approvals and regulatory environment. The agreement will create better opportunities for customers to connect up to 65 routes through the network of Delta-EE. UU. And in Canada, and up to 37 routes in Latin america, in Brazil.

Has launched a code share between Delta and the subsidiaries of LATAM, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. When fully implemented, these code-sharing agreements would provide customers with greater connectivity, up to 74 routes in the future in the united States and up to 51 routes in the future in South America. The code-sharing flights operated by subsidiaries of LATAM in Colombia and Ecuador, and is visible in for flights effective, time and code shared to Peru, is effective for flights beginning march 29, 2020, pending the final approval of the peruvian government.

In addition, some locations of the joint that connects the flights of Delta and LATAM are now available for direct booking channels of the Delta, including the website of the company, The co-located and complementary networks expand the options and comfort

Delta’s share of its Latin american operations in Terminal 3 of São Paulo International Airport-Guarulhos from 29 march 2020, to facilitate and speed up connections for customers. New York-JFK, LATAM has already transferred their operations to Terminal 4, improving the experience for customers traveling on Delta flights.

Delta has also announced its intention to expand its presence in south Florida with 13 new daily non-stop flights to Miami International Airport (MIA) from all centers and major destinations of business travel in the united states. UU., Including a new service from Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City and Tampa, The new flight schedule of Delta will be in the program to maximize connectivity to LATAM. The two companies are already conveniently located in MY, which allows fast connection times for customers.


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