Meet Pia Mia, the singer and best friend of the Kardashian | Music


Stay with your face, because Pia Mia it has a lot of roll. Above all, we really liked your last issue, Do it againnext to Chris Brown and Tygain just a week, already over 8 million views on Youtube. But, who is this girl?

Is a singer, actress and model american of Latin decent. His real name is Pia Mia Perez (yes, strange), and with only 18 years of age has already an EP on the market, The Gifta drive along the road, and many singles super powerful, even if you do not like the one that just released, which is also a collaboration of luxury:

It started out as many young people to upload their videos to Youtube and at the end, has been gaining more and more popularity thanks to a version of the song Well, let’s go Home of Drake. Yes, the destiny has wanted that ended up getting to know the Kardashian clan, and that, in fact, now is super friend of the sisters Jenner. He has appeared in reallity Keeping Up with the Kardashianshe has given considerable visibility in the united States. It was also to her a big push that Kim is his account of instagram a snippet of the video that I saw singing.

One of his last works was the subject The Fight For You for the soundtrack of the film Divergent. You want to know a little bit more? Pia Mia is super active in the network, where it is known as the Princess Pia Mia. I follow her!


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