Marian Iúdica been criticised for his attitude to the Independence Day parade


Apparently the mobile phone in the street are not safe Marian Iúdica. In front of the transport strike of may 29, the driver he wanted to interview a florist and almost at the cones. Now, on the occasion of the military parade that was held in the City of Buenos Aires, in commemoration of the Independence daythe reporter went to the streets and he was treated disrespectful.

Iúdica and Pia Shaw to cover the event live Involved (America) and attitudes of him made her angry users, who made their name on Twitter.

Marian Iúdica and Pia Shaw in the military parade in Avenue of the Liberator, the Day of Argentina’s Independence (Instagram)

Is that the driver dared not stop the military to ask them what was in the battalion and made jokes, sometimes not listedto , among other things.

“Look, what is this. Beautiful! The saplings sold usd”, launched with humor Iúdica, making allusion to the uniform of the Regiment of Combat 601.

“Oh, that’s nice! Oh, how good it is! It is very exciting. I found it spectacular, beautiful”continue Iúdica, with the euphoria that characterizes it.

In the meantime, Sol Perez and Luis Ventura you could interview the children who had gone to the parade, and asked him what box of football were supporters.

The people who were present at the event began to repudiate some forms of the driver, and your speakers, and realized that this was Sol Perez, that said: “To me, the thing that bothers me a little is that there are people who complain and I say, ‘We are the only way for the parade of the fatherland”.

While the program America gone, users began to to criticize harshly the driver on Twitter. Some is indignaban so poorly informed that he was; the other, because I wanted to be funny in the midst of an act that would have merited severity. But, without a doubt, the thing that has angered the tweeter, it was the moment in which the driver is made by the sang the anthem of Malvinas, but I didn’t know the lyrics.

The messages of the users against Mariano Iúdica for the coverage Involved (in America) the military parade for the Independence Day







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