Lucy Hale, the star of a spin-off of Riverdale


After rumors of a possible participation RiverdaleLucy Hale you join this universe in the new series spin-off based on the character of Archie Comics, Katy Keene.

This new series will follow the lives of four characters Archie Comicsincluding Katy Keenethe protagonist of this spin-off of Riverdale. In the series, the four guys who are struggling to follow their dreams, in the city of New York.

Katy Keene it will be a musical drama and will focus on the origins and battles of four aspiring artists who are trying to be able to Broadwaythe world of fashion and the world of music.

What are you lost?: What you need to know about the spin-off of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Lucy Hale it is best known for his role as Air Montgomery in the series Pretty Little Liars and now it has been announced that will be the main character of the spin-off of Riverdale.

According to the description of the character, Katy Keene it is an independent girl and with a big heart, who aspires to become a fashion designer. For his part, Lucy Hale she began to prepare for the character, with a change of look for the playback of Katy Keene.


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