Kevin Owens you delete your account Instagram again


The wife of Kevin Owens, Karina, was done recently, and Kevin Owens has responded to the act

The Instagram of the woman, the ex-champion of the Universal WWE Kevin Owens has been violated, and the person behind the act published messages in which he said that the couple was having marital problems. Karina removed all those messages and she sent the following message:

Guys, this has already happened in not a long time ago, I was hacked. It is very sad. Nothing of what has been published is true! Everything goes for the best! Kevin deleted his account in Instagram because they tried to hackearle, probably the same person that I did it to me.

Kevin Owens used his Twitter account to react to such an act. He wrote the following:

Social networks are a good. The way in which some people try and ruin the lives of people for no reason is depressing. My Instagram was deleted again, and now people are going after my wife. It’s disgusting. We never did for my family.

Programming WWE in the UNITED states and the TV for the next week

The next week, the WWE held a Tribute To the Troops, and will be broadcast on the USA Network. We bring you the programming that will be next week on this channel, according to the official Twitter of the WWE.

As you can see, on Monday we will have Monday Night RAW. The next day the show blue, SmackDown, Live. Wednesday, NXT debuts on that channel, so that we can confirm that the exhibition yellow is aired on USA Network from now on. We are aware of any new developments. Following the program, there will be a Tribute To the Troops and 2017, the annual event that the company in honor of the military of the united States.

It is rare to see that NXT is going to broadcast on open television in the united States. This means that, probably, the WWE is betting the maximum from your NXT from now on.


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