Katie Holmes is dead in the millions by rejecting the role of Rachel Dawes in the franchise, ‘Batman’ from DC


Katie Holmes may be known as the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, but also has a resume as impressive as a movie star and an acclaimed dramatic actress. From Dawson Creek to Broadway productions, Holmes has done it all. The actress also enjoyed a role in the DC Universe, as the ill-fated girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Rachel Dawes. The fans loved Holmes in the role, and the film itself was a great success. Even so, when Holmes had the chance to appear in the sequel of the movie, he rejected it, for one reason really inexplicable.

How did the famous Katie Holmes?

Holmes was born in Ohio in 1978. Grew up in a large family as the youngest of five brothers. She was an excellent student, graduating with honors. He developed an interest in acting while he was in high school and has acted in a variety of theatrical productions.

Even if his original plan was to become a doctor, and started modeling when I was a teenager, which led to her being discovered by a talent agent.

In the mid-nineties, Holmes was still acting in theatrical productions when she auditioned for the role of Joey Potter in Dawson”s Creek. He got the role, and his work on the sitcom focuses on the teen opened the door to other opportunities for action.

Some of his early roles in film, including parts in Wonder Boys, The Gift and Abandon. By then, Holmes was a star certified, and had begun to do interviews, talk show during the night. Had a gig on Saturday Night Live.

Katie Holmes played Rachel Dawes in “Batman begins”

Personal life Holmes was always a topic of great interest to the public. Went out with some of his co-star in the early years of his career, but it was the love story with Tom Cruise, the thing that really caught my attention.

She began dating Cruise in 2005, after his divorce from Nicole Kidman. Engaged only a couple of weeks after the first meeting, and their daughter was born the following year.

Despite his relationship with Cruise, Holmes has continued to work on his film career. In the same year In which her relationship with Cruise was made public, appeared in the film Batman begins, opposite Christian Bale.

As Rachel Dawes, Holmes has been impressed by both fans and critics. It was a new type of role for Katie Holmes, because he had not yet appeared in a superhero movie with big budget. When they announced the sequel to The Dark Knight, many fans would have expected Holmes to repeat the role.

Why Katie Holmes has refused to resume the role of Rachel Dawes?

Katie Holmes | false images

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The Dark Knight has become the more famous of Batman begins, thanks in large part to the contributions of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Even so, Holmes has decided not to participate in the project.

According to reports, Holmes decided to star in the comedy Mad Money, after examining the script of the Dark Knight and a bunch of Money. Not only was this a calculation error on the part of Holmes, as that Mad Money failed in the box office, but that ended up costing Holmes close to two million dollars.

Despite the fact that he missed a day of payment is important because of its decision to accept the role in Mad Money instead of Dark Knight, Holmes continued to enjoy a successful career both in film and in television. He finished the divorce of Tom Cruise in 2012, and to obtain the custody of their daughter, Suri.

Since then, Holmes has chosen to keep his personal life very private and not to talk about her love life with reporters, or fans. While Holmes has not always chosen the easiest path in the industry, it certainly has done things his own way.