Jason Momoa has created her own line of face cloths and supports most needed by coronavirus


The actor Jason Momoa has just conquer our hearts once again and no, this time we will talk about one of her sexy appearances in a film or television series, neither of their romantic details with his wife Lisa Bonet.

And that something that perhaps you did not know Jason Momoa is that it has become one of the celebrities that will make your face cloths to help people in the current pandemic of Coronavirus, which face around the world.

The former star of ‘Game of Thrones’, has recently announced that The Roaming (your brand of shoes, clothing and other sporting goods), in collaboration with the So ill and the Bite of the Snake Co, has started the production of masks and raise funds to help those affected by the crisis, which has destadao the COVID-19.

Via Instagram, Momoa has shared a video in which appears the attempt of one of them masks which, incidentally, is black in color and with prints triangle in one of its sides.

‘You look like a ninja’, said Jason Wolfie, her 11-year-old son, after seeing his dad modeling mask with a great attitude.


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