It will be a forum for Action and Prevention in pets


Sugey Sámchez

Under the slogan “No more animals suffering on the streets”, the foundation Spay Panama next to the office of the Mayor of Panama will be the Forum of Action and Prevention, in order to prevent the abandonment of pets, and to reduce the presence of animals in the streets.

This forum will count with the presence of renowned veterinarian Marvin Mackie, the creator of the method “Quick Spay” procedure that is less risky, costly, and quicker recovery for the animals, to neutralize the procreation uncontrolled.

In this activity, there will also be national and international experts as the director of Spay Mexico, Craig Neilson, the medical director of Spay Mexico, Joaquín Villaseñor, the medical director of Spay Panama, Augusto Barragán, the director of Spay Panama, Patricia Chan and ms. Dunes Salamín, head of Animal Welfare department of the Mayor’s office of Panama, who presented informative talks to the participants.

The forum will be held on Tuesday, August 11, at 7:00 p. m. until 8:50 p. m., in the auditorium Gladys Vidal of the Building, Hatillo, the mayor.

Admission is free to the public, but worth noting are space limited, in addition to the people who attend the forum will have free transportation and will be able to deal with outside of the structures of Spay Panama, which is located on the Royal Road to Bethany.


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