Is announcing that it is already a grandma | Love 40


The singer Both it has become for all to leave the mouth open with a new announcement related to his personal life, an area in which the australian has become accustomed to be very discreet for the rest of his career, even if in the last few months has made some important revelations.

First, Both revealed that was suffering from a strange disease, which is the reason why the networks have taken with it. Shortly after, the singer made a revelation about his love life, claiming to have taken the decision to remain single for the rest of their days, despite the fact that he also confessed to the sexual tension that had been between Diplo and she. A message to which is added the news that he had taken a teenager of 16 years, continuing with his wheel of news.

Well, after all these information, it is now, when you really Both managed to surprise everyone with a surprise announcement: the singer is already a grandmother!!!

It was through an interview with Apple Music where the australian has reported that it has extended the family, because the youngest of their children, which has already reached the age of majority, he had two children, while he exclaimed: I am a f***ing grandmother! What is certain is that Both it became a great grandma young, as well as the artist has only 44 years old. “Call Me”Nana‘but I’m trying to make you call me”Loveyas to Kris Jenner)“he continued to joke interpreter Chandelier in relation to the idea of being called “grandma”.

An interview was also space for the emotions, especially, when touching the issue of racism is more topical than ever from the movement Black Lives Matter and that Both not a doubt in position. Taking into account that the two guys that had the lead singer of the black race, Both it was one of the artists has also been added to the claims against the racism.

A personal moment that filled of joy for the singer when he is living a good professional time. Only a few days ago we heard that the new partnership with the hand Kenziethe little sister of his alter ego Maddie Ziegler that is also returned to work at the rate of Together. All this without neglecting other work as It Saved My Life next to Dua Lipa or his debut as a screenwriter and director. It is almost nothing!