Hugh Jackman is in addition to Miley Cyrus and releases a video of Pedro Sánchez into your Instagram


The actor Hugh Jackman he posted a video of the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, surprising to all of your followers are in Spanish. The interpreter in australia has also shared in your account of Instagram recordings of leaders of other countries, like Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron.

The same happened with Miley Cyrus, who wrote to Pedro Sánchez to fight together against the coronavirus, the video you posted Hugh Jackman has had a great impact among their followers Spanish.

“Hugh Jackman put Pedro Sánchez, in their stories of Instagram, of the truth that the 2020 is surreal,” writes a Twitter user. The social network has been filled with comments after the action of the actor and already there are those who are venturing to predict that the the next one is Will Smith.