Eddie Hearn is interested in starting Matchroom MMA


Eddie Hearn
Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn he seems really interested in doing events MMA. In a post Instagram revealed that is interested in promoting mixed martial arts and feels that Logan Paul can help with this. Paul he has previously worked with the environment of MMA and has trained with the average weight of UFC Paolo Costa.

At the end of last past, Hearn did a live in Instagram with Paul and he said that he was very interested in the MMA and that Paul it might help you. Hearn you know that Logan the basis of struggle in olympic and believes that after the promotion of boxing with him, I could help you to launch “Matchroom MMA”.

“I would really like to venture into MMA me”said Hearn for Paul and suggested “We Matchroom MMA”.

Paul he accepted and said Hearn: “I need a combat of MMA before he died.”. They joked with the idea of calling him “Matchroom MMA” or “Artemio Franchi Paolo”but somehow, Hearn was interested in MMA for a period of time. While he has been praised Dana White and UFC in the past for his activity, he is aware that the model does not work the same way in boxing.

Hearn also know that you will be competing with the UFC if you try to insert the MMA and seems to have no problems. DAZN transmitted Matchroom Boxing and Bellator MMAso it seems valid for the author, if you decide to do events. He also said that it would be for the leader. “I don’t want to go and be number two”. However, he also recognized that “to be number one in this segment is very, very difficult”.

It only remains to wait and see if it goes better than other promoters who have had a negative result, the transition from the MMA.