‘Dreams can become reality


The talent and the beauty of the 80 women of different nationalities who competed for the crown of Miss Universe this Sunday, but it was the participant of the Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, anyone who has taken the glory. After committing an error and giving as the winner Ariadna Gutierrez in Colombia, the comedian Steve Harvey he offered no apology and has revealed the name of the winner of the competition.


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“I take full responsibility, it was my mistake, a terrible mistake,” said Steve very sorry to see that Arianna was in a festive mood. “The right thing is to teach them that the first runner-up is Miss Colombia, please do not take it against the young, it was my mistake”. The competitors could not believe what had happened, and Pia only reacted when Olivia JordanMiss America, informed him, that he was the winner.

The colombians work in solidarity with Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez

Miss Colombia and its incredible likeness of Sofia Vergara

What did Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach after his controversial coronation of the Miss Universe pageant?

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“I began to prepare myself in November of 2012, and now it is December of 2015. It took me time to win the band Miss the Philippines, I have made three attempts,” said Pia through its account of Instagram before proceeding with the contest. “It was a nice trip and tomorrow it all ends in a great night. Thanks to all those who have helped to prepare me and took care of me.”

The contestant from the philippines, 26 years old, she was proud to be able to represent their country, the most prestigious beauty contest in the world. “This may be the most important moment of my life,” he said, without knowing that the day after would be crowned Miss Universe.

“I don’t regret anything. The most important thing is that I hope I have inspired. I never give up to pursue their dreams and think that dreams can become reality!” he said. After his coronation, the Pia considered that “it Was a coronation ceremony with very little traditional. Very 2015,” he said jokingly at the side of Miss America.

After leaving the stage, Arianna started to cry for what happened; however, since it failed to develop a good relationship with the rest of the competitors, has received the necessary support to overcome the bad time. “Everything happens for something, then I’m happy for what I have accomplished this evening,” said Miss Colombia, with tears in her eyes.

Miss Universe 2015 will be held in the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and was hosted by comedian Steve Harvey and actress Roselyn Sanchez. And never, in the history of the event had been an error, such as that caused by Harvey. Also, this is the first time that people could vote via Internet for their favorite, and the sum of the votes of the virtual was 4-1 in proportion to that of the judges.


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