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The Gazzetta dello Sport has pointed to the rebirth of the chilean goal of the season: “he Still has time to demonstrate that it remains a high-level player”.

Alexis Sanchez will return in the summer and show them all that they’re wrong.” With that phrase, the technique Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaerit was last January 28 when the overtaking that the chilean will return to Old Trafford after the term of the loan Inter Milan.

However, in Italy, found that the man in the Red could go in the box lombard, despite the fact that in the last hours it has been hypothesized, with the signing of the belgian Dries Mertens, the player of Naples, as his replacement. As indicated in this day the centre of The Gazzetta dello Sport. In fact, the already mentioned portal bet for its “rebirth” in the team of Antonio Conte, primarily from what is shown before the stop of the Serie A.

“Alexis Sanchez has the suitcase ready to return to Manchester United, but he still has time to demonstrate that it remains a player of high level. If it resumes the championship, the chilean will certainly have the ability to leave a footprint, also because a lot of the fighting in the vicinity of the three competitions in which the Inter is running to ensure the rotation in the attack of the Count. In summary, a final before saying goodbye, without regrets”, says the publication.

In addition, the newspaper of the peninsula has been used as a good example of the level to the front of the box, assuming that you can leave a good impression in the final straight of Football: “First the part for the Coronavirus, the Boy Wonder was instrumental in the visit to Udine, helped the Next in the return of the derby and made a big impression at the San Siro against Ludogorets in the Europa League”.

Finally, the prestigious portal, explained: “Now, after the long cloister, which has been postulated to be finally important. Redo the preparation from scratch with the team will help you, and maybe Alexis, who, leaving the bank, you can make the engine of the Inter function for a thousand.”

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