Ariana Grande responds to hater who criticizes your ponytail


From that Ariana Grande it has become one of the pop singers of the most successful in the world, ‘I have always been known for its the tail of a horse. However, at this stage of his career, not at all, it looks nice your hair-do; for what has been some of the the criticisms of Instagram. Do you believe that you’re not going to defend? You are wrong!

One of his enemies came up with a comment on a photo that came Mimi Cutrellwhere sale Ariana and Pete play. In this framework, the hater said that he was already fed up of seeing the ponytail of Ariana Grande. OMG!!!

The response of the Ari is brief and blunt, he only said: “I’m Not!” That is, that she does not I was sick of your ponytail. See, the singer did not need to say more to defend themselves. With only two words managed to silence the envy of your hair. Yaaas, girl!

Even if you have to say that the the fandom will not remain silent. Their fans immediately defended themselves and responded to that while he criticized her hair, Ariana didn’t mind the comments from others; also you should not care.

In the end, the truth is that the singer has been seen with his iconic ponytail, but lately we have had the opportunity to see her experiment with other types of hairstyles, with the hair loosewith another color of dye is still amazing.


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