Alum of ‘Graduation’ Nick Viall says he was embarrassed by the photo from Instagram without a t-shirt


Nick Viall, the leader of the season 21 in the Bachelor and two times with the competitor, The bachelorette party is a very self-confident. The same night that ABC has reissued a version of the 3-hour season of The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Viall posted a photo without a shirt on Instagram. However, Bachelor Nation, or maybe it’s just Instagram, responded to the photo in a way that made Viall feel “self-conscious”.

Nick Viall in 2018 | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

The former contestant and leader of the season 21 The Bachelor, Nick Viall, poses for a photo from Instagram without a t-shirt

In the recent publication of Viall on Instagram, holding his phone and taking a selfie in the mirror. The former bachelor, who does not have the shirt in the photo, subtituló the publication: “Because I leave AGAIN on national television this evening.”

While many fans of the Bachelor, supported the comments, others have criticized Viall.

In a publication of the follow-up of Instagram, the student of Degree sorry for the fact that these comments made feel terrible.

Viall began:

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Dear internet, I never thought about my body. However, I woke up with hundreds of comments in my last post on my weight, eating habits and mental health, all to post a photo after the training, in which it seemed to me very thin.

The contestants of Bachelor in Paradise has been surprised by the response from Instagram and their feelings about it.

“I never lacked confidence in my body (I know that this is not new for most of you), but if the Internet can get to me, you can reach anyone,” said Viall. Viall also encouraged his followers to “be careful with your words, before you give your opinion on the physical health, emotional or mental health of the people.” Because for him, has had a severe impact.

“I don’t want to admit that your comments made me feel self-conscious, but I think a lot of you probably think that I may be upset,” he continued. “So I’m here to say that, yes. I hope that you’re okay.”

Viall accuses users of Instagram to embarrass him by posting the photo with no shirt on

The long subtitle of Viall on Instagram continues:

I can’t say that in the last few months I have been running 4 km a day and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. Or how the bacon and the giggles ice cream every day. If I told you how much pasta, just would you mind.

Nick Viall and Danielle M. in season 21 of The Degree course | Rick Rowell / Walt Disney Television through .

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However, that was not the message that the former leader of the Degree. His point was: there is simply no need to make any comment.

“The next time you want to criticize someone for a bad angle, pay attention,” he said, Viall. “A photo that tells the story of a people. You could steal months of work and prosecute someone who has conducted his personal enrichment “.

However, the student of bachelorette has confirmed to be “good”.

“I still feel pretty sure that I look fantastic naked,” she joked Viall.