WWE Monday Night RAW: the Coverage and the Results of the June 29, 2020


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The show begins with Samoa Joe as a mediator for the signature of the contracts. Dolph Ziggler boasts that he has taught you everything Drew McIntyreand that the championship indirectly, it should be him. Drew climbs into the ring and takes a seat, and Dolph declares that it will terminate its story of redemption and do what they always do, which is to survive and destroy the scot at Extreme Rules. Both parties sign the contract, and Drew takes the word: he Says, that has already demonstrated several times that he deserves to be the champion, and says that he feels so sure of defeat Dolph that will let you choose the stipulation for his match. Dolph is about to speak, but Asuka what stops him and says, Sasha Banks, that is accompanied by Bayleythat will expire at Extreme Rules, and that you do not want to waste the time of signing the contract. The company’s asian and Sasha replies that she is now a different person from the person who once, in such a way as to ensure that the will expire and next to Bayley will be made with full control of the division. Both are absorbed in a fight, and Dolph takes advantage of it to try to attack with a Superkick to Drew. This stops and wield the Claymore, but Dolph, Sasha and Bayley to leave the area.

Angel Garza courted with a rose of Jessika Carrbut ignores him and leaves. Charley Caruso appears surprised, and asked Garza what he was doing. Zelina Vega the interrupts and says that he alone was to ensure that all goes well in his fight this night. The Big Show seems to warn of Gauze and Andrade they have a lot of care tonight.

Big Show comes out to the ring to address Randy Ortonand swears that he will break all the bones. Andrade, Heron and Zelina the interrupt, and Big Show asks them to stay away because I don’t want to hurt them. Garza tells him that he is not a legend, and the Exhibition invites you to get in the ring and fight. Zelina says that they have decided to do a favor to Randy attacking him at this time. Before the mexican can go on the ring, Ric Flair is displayed to indicate that you have a lot of respect for Zelina, but takes a few minutes to talk with an old friend of his. He says that Randy will take care of you when it is best for you, but to prepare for that day, as Randy will not have any kind of piety. Is then removed, so that The Viking Raiders to enter and attack Andrade and Angel.

The Viking Raiders vs Angel Garza Andrade

Erik starts out with a lariat of Gauze, and then doing the double team with Ivar, who takes a elbow drop and tackle. The vikings will alternate the relays to deal with. Ivar takes a shot and the lever to the arm, Attempting an irish whip, but Gauze and gets rid of the pants so that the Andrade advantage of the distraction and apply a kick to the jaw. Angel pulls a single leg crab and Andrade asks the relay, but Garza is rejected. Erik rejoins with shots, and Andrade decides to leave the battle to see that his companion does not follow any type of education. Back from commercial, Zelina seems to have repaired the relationship with their protégés, and the Gauze resists a chop, then against a background of Ivar with a dropkick. Erik is punished with a double powerbomb. Go to the Viking Experience, but Angel saves her and gives her a patadón in the knee to Ivar, then Andrade gives a rushes to the post, Erik, and Angel destroys it with the Wing Clipper.
Winners: Angel Garza Andrade via pinfall.

The IIconics are with Ruby Riottand tease who has no friends, calling the loser. Ruby is a hoax, reminding them that they have lost the opportunity for a Female Championships in a Couple. The challenges in the ring, so that you can overcome it and others can load their remains returned to Australia.

Fight for the Championship 24/7
Akira Tozawa vs R-Truth

Akira begins with a roll up, but Truth responds with a padlock to the chin and then challenges Akira to a competition of the applicant of the boats. Ends up taking out the ring. When Tozawa returns, going for a key, but in reality, he pretends to be injured and cheat to cover with a roll-up.
Winner: R-Truth via pinfall.

Finished the match, Truth takes the title and runs away, escaping by some ninja.

Bobby Lopez says MVP that Apollo Crews you have lost too much respect, and should destruírlo immediately. MVP replies that, despite everything, still appreciates Apollo, but will not have the problem at the end of his reign as u.s. Champion. Both go away, and behind it, it shows Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. Seth says that he has a very important message to give, and that should do it now, before you miss your chance.

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