VIDEO: A fighter of the UFC in the hospital for the coronavirus is the training… ¡¡in the hospital!!


Perhaps the name of The Death Toll Should Hajrovicmost (if not all) does not sound, and that is that the Serbian has recorded a poor 13-11, and even if the figure as part of the róster of the UFC,, really, their fights makes them through Megdan Combat.

And it is precisely the above-mentioned company, which he made through your account instagramthe publication of the video in which you look at the hunting of raising beds in the hospital.

Even if affected by the coronavirus and is in quarantine, our fighter and host The Death Toll Should Hajrovic do not leave to prepare Megdan in your city. I have the death toll should soon overcome coronavirus by KO, and after that victory, you will see in your city!

“Only” comes from losing by a split decision, the February 15, 2020 in a fight with Kamen Georgiev (27-12), in a battle of division of Weight of Semi Heavy.


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