Union Fonográfica Independiente, “disappointed” with the new Awards Odeon


Madrid, 19 dec (EFE).- Union Fonográfica Independiente (UFI) has been “disappointed” by the character of the new awards introduced this Thursday, the Awards Odeon, among other things, to exclude from their nominations for the “98.5% of the Spanish producers”.

“A large part of the financing of the Premiums Odeon is by AGEDI, the association, which counts more than five hundred members, but given the fact that practically all of the artists who choose these prizes belongs exclusively to the three corporations,” he reported in a press release.

In this line, we regret that the Odeon “do not reflect the diversity of stylistic and linguistic, but they are limited to be a visibility of the sales charts”.

UFI, which brings together independent record labels and is responsible for the majority of the new music published in Spain (more than 2000 according to the data, starting from 2016), it is the time to organize their own awards, MIN, who tries to give light to the artists and to the works of the industry alternative to the “majors.”

After the coronation, in recent years, figures such as Vetusta Morla, Morgan, Zahara, Bizarre love Triangle or León Benavente, the twelfth edition of the prize will take place on the day 11th of march at the Teatro Circo Price, Madrid.

It will be a month and a half after the celebration, on the 20th of January of the new Awards Odeon at the Teatro Real in the Spanish capital, with “categories of objective on the basis of the data of the lists of sales, the number of views and listeners in different platforms of artists and formations in spain”.

Among the nominees include artists such as Rosalia, and Alejandro Sanz, La Mala Rodriguez, or Mr. Patrick. EFE


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