This cosmetic moisturizing, anti-aging and multi-purpose to transform your hair and your skin


We have everything for those creams the end -as the favorite of professional make-up so that the base does not mark the wrinkles that you can come to find more than five (and ten) different functions: as hydrate even drier skin types, blur scars, smooth the face before applying makeup, to relieve burns, to set the eyebrows, enlighten…

This time we talk about a cosmetics similar to the one we found in Mercadona but much more natural that stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively or Emma Stone have become essential to beauty. So much so that you can also sneak between the ingredients of a recipe. It is not the sound?

The BB Cream with sun protection cream or antiojeras the market that does miracles for the face (both products of the chain valenciana), we joined a best seller sold without stopping between the shelves of the supermarket. We speak neither more nor less than the coconut oil Mercadona, which transforms your hair, your skin and your diet.

Because if you do not know all their uses of beauty, between them there is the to control the frizz hair to apply as a face mask in the evening, with wet hair, put it only on the dry ends to soften and improve the appearance of your hair, the fight against stretch marks, perfect make-up remover on the face, the face of nourish the cuticles and nails or hydrate the body and even the lips. Without forgetting that can be the perfect dressing in salads, or the ideal substitute of other refined oils such as sunflower oil.

And best of all is that costs less than 5 euro and that is a extra virgin olive oilthat is to say that it is not bleached nor deodorized, and does not contain artificial ingredients like dyes or scents. Find alternatives in companies like NaturGreen, Foodspring or Tropicania and keeps track of this cosmetic as beneficial and healthy.


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