The Venezuelan Omar Morales is proud to represent their country and maintain their unbeaten record in the UFC


Omar Morales after his victory in the UFC
Omar Morales after his victory in the UFC

On Wednesday 13 may 2020, Omar Morales remained undefeated to claim his second victory in the octagon most famous in the world, beating the mexican Gabriel Benitez by unanimous decision of the judges. After the triumph of the venezuelan admitted that he is very proud of representing his country in the UFC and grateful for the support of the fans.

In an interview for UFC in Spanish’, Morales has expressed that he feels happy for the victory, because he believes that Benitez has been an opponent hardand to be able to give a great show for the fans of the UFC.

“To have an opponent hard and be able to win, to come out with the victory, of course, makes you feel good. I had a great opponent, a very tough opponent. Kept all my achievements. I was always looking for a fight, and I also. I’m happy for the performance that we had tonight and all the people in their homes could enjoy this fight”

“I am very proud to represent my country in this event and more to the situation that we are going through. For me it is a pride to be here, to be able to represent my country and give a show to all viewers all over the world, because this is the only event that is taking place now. I hope you enjoyed my battle. I always get to give all my best and thanks to all for the support”

In his career as a professional in MMA, Morales remains unbeaten with 10 victories, two of them in the UFC. The first was in the UFC, Busan Dong Hyu Man in December 2019, and now against Gabriel Benitez at UFC Jacksonville.


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