The two Catalinas


Catherine the Great, a figure in front of audio-visual, despite not having shot the definitive work on the historical figure, was the subject of two other recent approaches teleficción, one of which, not only convey the Cuban Television.

The british Helen Mirren (experience) in the assumption of the characters of the court, and the actress of the central masterpiece of the film on the rights of the author: The queenStephen Frears) incorporates to Catherine the Great in the miniseries with the same name in four episodes produced in 2019 by Sky and the last one is the Educational Channel. In truth, the interpreter, English-it can save quite a bit of years to embody the Russian empress of the NINETEENTH century, the greatness of his splendor; of the auction, a woman presented in the script with overload sex drives that can never be fully understood, the viewer, to the repair on the too old to be the face of the divine Helen.

And that, sharing, but also to the general conception, was the first great error of the mini-series written by Nigel Williams (author Elizabeth I2005: also at the service of Mirren). The other, the cardinal of this, it is located in the extreme conventionality of a work-tongued, uncompromising orthodoxy classicist, in which the protagonist is embroidered by the amount of explosions can be emotional, fantasy, catharsis, and flirt erotic very repeated. In summary, caricature, whimsical, repetitive, of a human being, in fact, become a key player of the transformations to scale the social, artistic, scientific and in the Russia of the nineteenth century. A Russia which will be launched in-context has never declined here is the same list the series to the the side personal, especially romantic, the empress.

The Great (Hulu, 2020)
The Great (Hulu, 2020)

Against the canon, the transgression. Not missing. And this is The Great (Hulu, 2020), the German has dominated with great euro-asian nation, but now, in the plan of the satire. Better, in the “despelote”. The worlds described in their ten episodes are illuminated by the sun of the screen, called Elle Fanning, who has the product and has led to the creation of the series. At his side, until now, tasteless Nicholas Hoult, as a counter-figure hilarious contribution to the tv at least curious, which bathes the juvenilia humor, and regions not frequented by these elements.

Each chapter of The Great (written by Tony McNamara —Favorite— on the same play), it is containing steps refocilantes in the form of a sphere, the sensory comfort of the passenger. Now, beyond that, almost nothing. Yes, there are the notes of the role played by Catherine in the change of attitude in Moscow, his constant struggle along with a couple of the characters of the court of present form of an empire, the saga of other europeans, the opening to the knowledge. But they are only bullets, because, in reality, nor to investigate thoroughly into the character is the objetivono, however their promoters empeñasen in manifesting the contrary; but is composed of epatar through the twists and inopinados, the follies of the royal consort of the “Big one” and happened to drop a good dose of bad milk the west on the alleged clumsiness of the Russian and all the other stereotypes associated with the city for the tradition of audiovisual saxon: the alcoholism, the sexual profligacy, fanaticism, the contempt toward other peoples (see the scenes with the Swedish).

In summary: two series very different from one another, but not round. Two Catalinas are different but the same at the end. The empress of Russia continue to wait for justice.

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