“The Terminator” and the relationships between human beings and machines


(Illustration: John Perez/Infobae)
(Illustration: John Perez/Infobae)

In “Terminator: Dark Destiny”the character you play Arnold Schwarzenegger a further step in its humanization and adopts a child with his human couple. But it is not the first time that the the film shows a relationship of affection between people and machines. In “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, John Connor child to endear with the robot.

There are few films that have addressed the issue. Is the main plot of “Her,” in which a writer keeps a loving relationship with an operating system similar to Siri. It is also part of “the Bicentennial Man”, inspired by a story by Isaac Asimov, where a robot slowly develops human emotions to fall in love with a woman, with the home at last.

In “Blade Runner, ” 2049”, the partner of the protagonist, is a holographic system called Joi. And in the story of “Ex-Machina”, the protagonist falls in love with a humanoid equipped with artificial intelligence. These are some of the examples of how the cinema has dealt with topics that seem to be utopian.

Ivonne Acuña Murillo, university department of Social and Political Sciences of the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico, in an interview with Infobae Mexico he said that these movies, play with the assumptions, think of what can happen. The ideas are credible for the viewers, because the technology with which they interact is becoming more and more humanized.

In “Terminator 2” John Connor endear with the cyborg, which was created to protect (Photo: Special)

An example of this is the new version of Alexa, the virtual assistant for Amazon, who have a form of payment in which the an automated voice was replaced by that of some famous peopleas the actor Morgan Freeman. This was done with the objective to make the sound more human.

The artificial intelligencethe entry some operating systems and the faces that simulate the activities of a person begins to approach some of the fundamental interactions between people, such as conversation. Although the relationships between human beings and machines had not yet come to the complexity shown in the film.

In “His” there is a scene in which the people walking down the street towards the subway, don’t look at each other, but are in negotiations with your operating system. The curious thing, ” said Acuña, is that in reality does not happen exactly that way. Yes, there are people who go with head down, looking at his cell phone, but still interact with other people through devices.

The interaction between people and virtual assistants is limited to ask questions or ask for a search on the internet, but in your opinion it’s not that much for the company to take that leap to talk to Siri or Alexa about how it was in its day.

In “Her” the protagonist falls in love with an operating system similar to Siri, but much more developed (Photo: Special)

Acuña thinks that the film shows a possible scenario, as the robots become more human.“Be humanized” by scientists, ” he says.

In addition to the human aspect, the film constantly poses the machines could develop self-consciousness, and feelings. It is the case of “the Bicentennial Man” or humanoid of “Ex-Machina”.

It also happens in the reverse direction. In “Terminator 2”, for example, John Connor takes a liking to the cyborg. The saga in general explores the different relationships between humans and robots, based on the anger and the love.

The feelings of the people to develop the machines are similar to those experienced by other persons, to the extent that man humanizes the robotexplains the academic. “What we do is to replicate the human relationships and to move devices”.

One of the advantages that people can find the link with technology that the machines is much easier to relate to in comparison with human beings, who are complex.

“K,” the protagonist of “Blade Runner “2049”, has a relationship with a hologram (Photo: Special)

Acuña attributed to the the proximity of the people with the technology of loneliness. According to the expert, it is estimated that at least a third of the population lives alone and some end up distancing themselves from the otherso you are looking for the way to replace the interactions and relationships, there is where it enters the humanized technology.

We are losing the personal relationships among primary groups (family, friends) and that makes unable to relate to others. Gives the example of children who almost do not interact with their dads, those who feed and meet other needs, but practically do not speak. These children find it difficult to engage in human relationships, because they do not know how to deal with others.

This is due in part to the economic system. Currently, wages are not attained, and both parents are forced to work to maintain the home, children spend a lot of time alone, and because they spend so much time on devices, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, or game consoles. The technology fills that void.

“In the end, human beings are social and we need someone who can accompany us”, or another person, an animal or a machine. “It is likely that yes, many people replace their lack of human relationship with a machine” ends.


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