The Record of man: the 900 days of the reign of Stephen Loman in the Brave CF


Stephen Loman it was with the BRAVE Fight the Federation literally from the beginning. It was one of the winners of the BRAVE CF 1.

The star filipino is raised together with the promotion of a more rapid expansion in the world and continues to grow in and out of the cage as an example of success through the sport and has become an example of how far you can take the hard work and talent.

On the 5th of may “The Sniper” completed 900 days as the champion of the VALIANT Fighting Federation, a title which he won with a ko in the first round Gurdarshan Mangat in BRAVE CF 9, in 2017.

Since then, Loman became a superstar in the Philippines, as one of the faces of mixed martial arts in the country and the champion of the world bravest of the BRAVE CF.

Since he became the champion of the world, Stephen has grown exponentially as a martial artist, showing different facets of his way of fighting and dealing face-to-face with some of the competitors the world’s most dangerous.

The list of defenses that are successful include the former lightweight champion of BRAVE CF, Elias Boudegzdameand the maximum striker Felipe Efrain.

But it all started with the establishment of a friendly rivalry. Back in BRAVE 1the first victory of the Loman under the organization was against a young attacker in the Frans Mlambo.

The two were on good terms, but the “Black Mamba” he promised to take revenge. So I recovered and went to work, on a winning streak of their own, and knocking at the door of the samples.

The second duel between the two came in BRAVE CF 13, which marks the debut of the organization in Europe. Front of people as Amir Khan and Conor McGregorStephen repressed, once more the game of Mlambo and domino on the way to a verdict of a unanimous decision in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Shortly after, other evidence of fire was placed in front of him. Felipe Efrain received the award for KO of the year in 2017 and is coached by Diego Lima at the legendary Academy, Chute Boxe, the ultimate gym Muay Thai in Brazil.

The same Loman, a star of the team Lakay, perhaps one of the hidden gems in the world of MMA, I wanted to prove that it is more of a fighter.

During five laps, he found himself face to face with the fajador strongest in the division and came out victorious. When the superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov will put the belt on BRAVE 18, Loman knew that he had done something special: he became the first champion of the Federation of Combat, BRAVE in defending his belt more than once.

But it was far from finished. Then, when you return home. On the big stage, in front of friends and family, and in memory of his uncle, Loman made the performance the most dominant of his career, he crushed the former world champion of the light weights Elias Boudegzdame and has successfully defended his throne for the third time in a row. .

As his legend grew and the days went by, the weights cock was struggling to get the next chance against the king. The choice was Louie Sanoudakis, that was undefeated in BRAVE CF and could present many problems for Loman.


The two met in the main event BRAVE CF 30, in India, and Stephen once more took charge. Be wary of the slick ground game of his opponent, Loman was in charge of the action with leg kicks and combinations to the left Sanoudakis impotent on the way to another dominant win.

As the clock begins to move forward on their path towards the 1,000 days as world champion, Loman has not yet found its rival.

Many have tried and many have failed. But he knows that only one is necessary. And it is for this that the hard work, inside and outside of the gym, it does not stop.


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