The Leadership of basic level: the Three aspects in which it is not necessary to fail


The Leadership of basic level: the Three aspects in which it is not necessary to fail

When I started to study the leadership about 20 years ago, it was one of the worst defects of our whole social organization. The most respected benchmarks of the subject in the world, they spoke of a lack of leaders and in this reality was the genesis of the problems in organizations, from politics, from business to family.

Today, the leading scholars of the role of the leadership, are of the opinion that one of the major needs of our society is that of personnel managers. And I feel like a movie that repeats itself. For some reason the leaders are not trained, neither before nor new.

Here are, in my opinion, the three key points that a leader can’t fail if you plan to be a professional. It is essential, we agree. But if you want to be a successful leader this solid base will be essential.

A project

People follow a leader, not a cause, but every leader must have a clear plan, a vision.A dream, after that go or what to build; a project in which the people who follow him might believe.

A leader by nature of the term must be a resourceful person, and it is your responsibility, not only for the vision, the destination you seek; but also the path that you chose and the transportation decision is made. See for yourself what complex desentramar this paragraph.

The leader must be clear about where you are going in the organization and communication for your team with full clarity, but also the how, when, and with what.

Of course that is not simple, but the leadership is, also, not simple.

The leader is the most talented

In many species of animals, the leader is always the strongest, and the position is measured by the force every now and then. In the human species, it is not always the case. However, the leader must have talent.

Some have the talent to reach out to more people, talented and intelligent, and that is its ability. No matter what your strength, you have to know it and develop in the best way. It is necessary to know not only what your strengths but also your weaknesses.

Does not need to be the best of the bunch, but the talent that you have to increase, mainly of lead.

Many times the groups are asking who will be the leader, it is a very simple question, is like asking who has the tenor in the choir, obviously you can.

Not anyone can lead, is itself an extraordinary ability, but with training needs, the training of talents and natural gifts, professional training and many hours of daily reading.

Contact with people

This is the most fucked up, because even if you have talent and you have a great project, if you do not have contact with the people, no one is going to continue, and if no one follows you, simply you’re not a leader.

I recently met a political leader with a great profile and very talented, but painfully with a bad touch for human relationships, what makes him go permanently one step forward and then one step back. This inability to be in relationship with the people in mine construction because it is at the level of the relationships with the people that a leader develops.

And there are three floors in which you need to learn how to build a leader, that is to say, the three distinct levels of “touch” with the people who are under his authority, with his peers (other managers, or colleagues); and with the superiors.

Of course, here, each one defined by means of its own philosophy, such as the range of subcategories is large, but regardless of this, you need a leader has tact for dealing with people, his followers, to be with the outsiders and, especially, within its construction, that are under its structure, its side pillars, and with their superiors. Without that there is no future.

Now when you speak of leadership

Leadership is influence and, basically, all of them in every way to influence others in different ways, then, in this sense, all lead. However, to conduct a process, or a computer, is another story.

We speak of a leadership that is aware and intentional. This type of leader needs to be trained to reach susobjetivos, and should do so initially in these three fields.

A person who has some talent, true that there are clear and obvious to everyone, that has a project that other people can feel identified, and that is touch (talent-training) to manage the human relations, we are talking about a person who has the potential to realize important things.

And because I think that this can be achieved? Why is a person who has talent, who has a plan and that knows how to treat others, you will earn the respect ,and this is the main and most powerful tool in a leader: respect for others.

Thanks. Until the next time.

*Sergio Lopez – [email protected]