The first tournament after the break confirmed that it will be with the public


WHAT was missing: The first tournament after the break confirmed that it will be with the public

Once again, it is clear that the economic interests are above their own sport. As if it wasn’t clear, the risk that colleva do the tournaments of exhibition with the public in the stands, the event in Prague confirmed that it will open its doors with a maximum of two thousand spectators per day.

The Open in Prague will take place from 10 to 15 August, as part of the return of professional tennis and is one of the first stages of the WTA tour, after the break caused by the coronavirus. “We are already in talks with the best players of the Czech republic.

We are going to prepare a mobile stands with a capacity of two thousand people,” said the tournament director, David Trunda. The best players of the Czech republic are now the number three in the world, Karolina Pliskova and Petra Kvitova, number 12 in the WTA rankings and two-time champion at Wimbledon.

Most of the tournament, which was moved to the end of the season, is looking at the possibility of being carried out with the people in the stands, so as to reduce a bit of economic loss.

What is certain is that this measure could affect the plans of the players that they were planning to return to activity, with all the risks that this entails, some, such as the Romanian Simona Halep is planning to lose the tour in the United States, given the degree of the infected that are still taking place in the region and waiting for events on the ground is scheduled for September, and where it is believed that it will be more controlled the pandemic.
See appropriate for the tournaments open the doors for the fans in these moments?