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This Wednesday, the Big Red he experienced a new day of competition, where the theme is the music festival in Chile. It was so Píamaría Silva wanted to conquer the audience and the jury with an unusual mix of styles.

The singer merged the topic ‘Amárrame’ Mon Laferte and Juanes, with a dance caporal, something that had not been seen in the program. The result? The highest rating of the season: 6.2 jurythat has only high praise for the presentation.

“I appreciate that add to the quality of your voice, the boldness of this assembly. Always grateful for the research and present something new”said Maitén Montenegro, while Neilas Katinas said “I liked it, I wanted to go on stage to dance”.

In both Leo Mendez, jury, guest said: “I was without words. Was born in an incredible setting. I really like the mix of music”he said. Finally, Claudia Miranda has considered that “you’re a complete artist”.

piamaria silva, the big red

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On the successful idea of mixing these elements, Piamaría said they came after seeing the comments they received to their peers, which led her to do something more “fun” with the story of Mon Laferte.

“Together with the production team decided that if the theme was a holiday in chile, because we have not applied an essence of folklore, and it was just as we arrived in this fantasy caporal. The song of Mon Laferte has a lot of fusion of styles, but the most important thing is to not leave the root of the folklore in their songs“ she said, ” the fair woman on Page 7.


Although the interpreter acknowledged that he has received some criticism from people for putting a dance caporal in a song tied to sounds such as cumbia, believes that more research needs to be better received by the public.

“Our intent has always been to do a fantasy. How chileans must be proud of this is intended to put different images of exploration of the chilean scenario Redbut the chilean is a traitor and it is for this reason that we can’t go on as we would like,” Silva said.

What was the most difficult thing to do this merger? “To be able to combine singing and dancing at the same time, but would love to combine the two disciplines, at the same time, it is my music label. It’s been an adventure and a challenge”recognized.

Finally, he admitted that he did not expect to receive the best mark of the season. “Not what I expected. It was a wonderful surprise. I feared that it could be assessed in a weird way with the same combination that I gave him, but it was the opposite and I’m happy to grow and continue to refine my show”, and closed the exparticipante of Rojito and The Voice Chile.


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