Re-opened some restaurants and cafes in Trelew and there are reservations for the weekend


With the entrance of Chubut in a new phase of “social distancing”, that has made the governor Mariano Arcioni, Trelew, is moving forward with the flexibilizaciones to adapt to a “new normal”, without neglecting medical care. In the busy via Belgrano, Genesis, Jygló and the coffee in My City yesterday received the first customer seated for lunch or a coffee, with the correct health protocols against the Covid-19.
Yesterday there were still bars and restaurants open without the Belgrano and Pedestrian area with Fountain, traditional Touring Club was still closed.
The reopening of the dining room takes place in a context of falling sales and the closing of a local business in Trelew, which kept people in suspense about 1,200 occupational sources.
Genesis and Jyglo were the first site to receive the public on Sunday, one of the coldest days of the year. On Saturday, mayor Adrian Maderna, has conducted a meeting with the owners of the restaurants to agree on the guidelines for the reopening. Yesterday morning began to look a little more movement in the street, despite the cold, and the tea rooms become a place of meetings.

The owner of Genesis, Marilina Lopez, yesterday, said the Newspaper EL CHUBUT, who have already reservations on the part of customers to sit down to dinner this weekend, and there are still a number of places, taking into account that the restaurant work with a reduction of the ability as a sign of the health protocols.
The novelty of the restaurant is that you can access the letter by a code of whatsapp with the phone to minimize contact with the waiters who take the order from one screen. In addition, there are cabins that are specially designed to be able to dance in the future, if allowed by the health authorities.
Genesis opens to the public from 9 in the morning until 20.30 on weekdays, and Friday and Saturday and extend hours 0.30 hours. After 20 hours, the turnout at the restaurant, the reservation can be done via whatsaap. Prior to 20 hours, anyone can sit down and eat or drink something. Also continue to work with the delivery in order to cover the costs and expenses.
Marilina Lopez commented that, in order to encourage the public to approach this week of the reopening will work with the 10 percent discount, and also set the same prices in the month of march before the quarantine.


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