Podcast of Joe Rogan signed a millionaire contract of exclusivity with Spotify


Joe Rogan the podcaster # 1

Joe Rogan Experiencethe podcast that has marked a milestone in the world, has signed an exclusive contract for several years with Spotify. The announcement was made this Tuesday by both parties.

The debut of the podcast on the new platform will be the September 1,and all its content, including video, podcast available Youtube, will be the platform and will be exclusive before the end of the year.

There are no details about the contract, but a source has revealed to The Wall Street Journal the contract is for Us $ 100 million. Joe Rogan will continue with the creative freedom of the show and will continue to be free, he explained Spotify in a press release.

Roganthat is a comedian, actor and icon of the commentator UFCconfirmed the change in today’s episode.

“It will be exactly the same show”he said on the podcast that launched in 2009. “It may not be an employee of Spotify, we are working with the same team, same show. Nothing is going to change. We are excited to begin this new chapter of the Joe Rogan Experience, and we hope that they are there when you go.”

“We’ll get the JRE to the Spotify platform, with more than 286 million of active users and will have access to one of the most important voices of the culture”said Spotify in its press release. “We will have alliance with Spotify, Rogan and her team, based on the leading platform of audio”.

Spotify has continued to develop the aegis of the podcast, as they have been in growth. The transmission hours of the podcast in the platform has grown a 200% the fourth quarter, driven by purchases of important studies Gimlet Media and Parcast.

In the month of February, added the site to the culture and pop Bill Simmons and the company podcast The Ringtone.

The profits of the first quarter of the last month, the company, with headquarters in Sweden he said that users increased their listeners 31%, and that, currently, the majority of 1 million podcasts available on the platform.