Niurka causes scandal, making signs rude with young people in a Tiktok


On many occasions, Niurka becomes the center of attention, and, on this occasion, has done it again, because on his Instagram official, has posted a video that has caused much controversy in the social network, as it appears next to a couple of young children make a challenge to sign in tik tok over bad.

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He caused a big scandal, at the end of the video intended to Tik Tok makes the britney signal in such a way that your followers on Instagram, said “rude”.

If Niurka not enough reputation by starring in the controversial, some that are the same as look-outs ensures that is part of the strategies of the broadcasters, this time he decided to return to star in a that he is was a lot of fun.

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Niurka rose to their social networks, on his Instagram the official, a well-known challenge of tik tok that mimic the positions of some of the emojis of hands in the usual order,however, to Niruka it was very difficult for them, so he decided in the end to do 2 sign of rudeness.

The application Tik Tok is today one of the most used, so much so that many artists have united to prove that they are experts for the video, the generation of a video very funny that made her famous, because in this age it is very important to be present in the new.

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His followers were devoted to criticize, because it was located next to two young women, because they believe in the example that he gives to future generations, however, seem to have a good time, to laugh and have fun to the maximum.

Recently, the star appeared-lying on a recliner, wearing a blue bikini and a bold pulcera in his left leg, because you want to have a good skin tone to show everything that he has worked on his figure, as used to do a lot of exercise.

Famous is good for circumventing censorship in subtle ways, because a few months ago it seemed without even a single head, however, he took very good care of their corners and the details of the snapshot.


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