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Maria Pia Copello was one of the peruvians who marched from the magenta carpet at the Premios Lo Nuestro 2020. The influencer wore according to the occasion with a beautiful green dress that you also used Jennifer Lopez in the Latin Grammy. The fact was the point of harsh criticism and painful comparisons.

Before the questions, the presenter came out the front, and without any fear, he said what he really thinks about the observations that have been made regarding your look at the evening gala in Miami.

YOU CAN SEE Maria Pia Copello, appears with a dress Jennifer Lopez in Premios Lo nuestro 2020

Maria Pia Copello he said that he had only one day to get your costume for the event, and that, when he found the Versace dresswas happy. The dress that has used the conductive peruvian has a long history, since this belongs to the collection spring/ summer 2020 famous brand. When it was presented in a parade, JLo shaped him as a diva.

Rodrigo Gonzalez praises the dress of Maria Pia Copello.

“It was a pure case. Versace is a brand that I always liked, but I was looking for a long dress, and the day that I went to the store they told me that they also had this dress that had just arrived. I saw it and I fell in love. It was my size and so I have to take him with us,” said The Trade.

In their statements, the exconductora of This is War he has also said that he dared to wear the dress of Jennifer Lopez, because they thought they had the right image for a look at the Premios Lo nuestro 2020.

YOU CAN SEE Gian Piero Diaz sends a message after the voice of Maria Pia, This is war

“You have to dare to put on a garment, but if it looks good, there is to take advantage of this body, I’m not going to have the whole of life. It just so happened that I was good, it is fashionable and I have a deep admiration for Jennifer Lopez” he said.

“I like to dress well, always with plunging necklines, but it seems not so exaggerated. For this event I had to wear a dress, because considering that each invitation is for you to give a special treatment”, he added.

Maria Pia Copello, meets 43 and held the side of her husband Samuel Dyer Coriat. Photo: Instagram

In an interview to another media, Maria Pia Copello, also said that he doesn’t care of the criticisms against you and you are completely ready for a new use Versace dress of Jennifer Lopez. “Of course! (She loved her husband), I put a thousand times because I love it. My husband supports me and has told me his opinion and the two agree,” he said.

YOU CAN SEE Gian Piero Diaz sends a message after the voice of Maria Pia, This is war

Univision lodi a Maria Pia Copello

The chain Univisionthe manager of the Premios Lo nuestro, she passed a note about the daring Versace dress are encouraged to use in the event.

“The presenter peruvian has captured the attention of the cameras and the public, for the big night of Latin music to the look of the iconic dress that Jennifer Lopez advertised in the delivery of the Grammy awards in 2000,” reads part of the text.

Maria Pia Copello

YOU CAN SEE Maria Pia Copello, appears with a dress Jennifer Lopez in Premios Lo nuestro 2020

Maria Pia Copello, is shown to be grateful for your experience in Premios Lo nuestro

Through its official account of Instagram, the conductive Maria Pia Copello send a short thank you message for being part of the gala. “Thank you Univision for the invite! Thank you all for your support and for making this possible,” he wrote.

Maria Pia Copello

The passing of Maria Pia Copello, on the carpet of the Premios Lo nuestro 2020

Via Instagram, Maria Pia Copello he shared part of his experience of being invited to participate in the Premios Lo Nuestro 2020. With the utmost humility, the conductors of the EEG expressed his thanks to Univision.

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In addition, pink video what was your step away from the magenta carpet of the most important events of Latin music. The publication, which already exceeds 700 thousand ‘I like’ is full of praise, which has seen actresses, singers and factors of influence.

YOU CAN SEE Maria Pia Copello, is praised by Univision: “he Left his mark on Premios Lo nuestro”

Rodrigo Gonzalez sings the praises of Maria Pia Copello

Rodrigo Gonzalez took advantage of their social networks to highlight the wedding of Maria Pia Copello in the Premios Lo nuestro. The controversial exconductor of america, ” said the image of the exanimadora child in their stories of Instagram.

Rodrigo Gonzalez praises the dress of Maria Pia Copello.

Maria Pia Copello: stay in the EEG step on the Premios Lo nuestro

The peruvian Maria Pia Copello it was part of the reality That is the war in 2015. The exanimadora child alongside Mattia Brivio for several years, replacing Johanna San Miguel.

Maria Pia Copello, and Mathias Brivio in This is war.

The sister of Anna Carina Copello stay for three years in the television space of America, announced his retirement at the end of 2018.

Recently, he returned to the program, but only for a day. His appearance was while Gian Piero Díaz was absent.

YOU CAN SEE Monica Cabrejos critical of Maria Pia Copello: “put on the JLo, you can not put”

What maria Pia Copello, an addict of Photoshop?

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This tool tweaks has made it popular among the public figures. For this reason, Rodrigo Gonzalez informed on exanimadora child in one of your photos of Instagram.

“Friend, you are regal and divine, there is no doubt, but what marquito and contour? I say my Rodriguistas that is suspicious!”, he has written the exfigura of Latin in a common history, in which he said that the image of the exconductora of This is war.

Maria Pia Copello is flattered by magaly Medina

The presenter Magaly Medina and Maria Pia Copello to maintain a good relationship of friendship which is reflected in the social networks and in television.

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Therefore, after leaving the first images of the exconductora of “this is war”, using the glamorous dress JLo, the leader of “magaly TV, the company” had only words of praise for his colleague.

Monica Cabrejos critical of Maria Pia Copello by dress

The journalist was one of the tv personalities who have submitted strong comments for the exfigura of America.

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Monica Cabrejos don’t have a good appreciation of the dress that you used the exconductora in the most recent edition of the Premios Lo Nuestro.

“It’s cute, but everyone is going to always compare with Jennifer Lopez. Already put about Jennifer, you can not put. (…) Despite all the attention that attracted, was not chosen as the best dressed, because only the dress that we have seen,” said the announcer in the Capital.


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