Madison Prewett addressed the comment of Instagram is “true and real”


When The Bachelor’s Season of 24, airing in January 2020, the viewers thought that the comment is “true and real” Madison Prewett on Instagram would be the only thing that would haunt the star of the reality show after the reality series ABC closed. As you probably know, the grand finale of the season-Peter Weber has claimed that place rather quickly. But once in a while, the fan mentioned the incident. Then, recently, Prewett addressed the suspicious activity in your account of Instagram. And it seems that the student of Auburn can laugh about the situation now.

Madison Prewett says in his publication of Instagram at the beginning of season 24 of “The Bachelor”

Madison Prewett and Tammy Ly on 'The Bachelor' - Season 24Madison Prewett and Tammy Ly on 'The Bachelor' - Season 24Madison Prewett and Tammy Ly on “The Bachelor” | Francisco Roman road .

In the first season of the travel of the degree of Weber, Prewett received a edition phenomenal. It is connected with Weber and met his parents for the first time in the season. Then things got a little uncomfortable in social networks.

After the premiere of The Bachelor, Prewett published a photo of your appointment with Weber on Instagram. The photo has been deleted since then. But at that time, fans of Bachelor Nation have noticed something suspicious: Prewett commented on their photo.

“Beautiful quote Madi,” he wrote Prewett. “You’re so true and real.”

In the meantime, a friend said that it was her mistake. “Oops! I thought that I wrote that comment on the true and genuine from my account, but I started a session of Madi when he returned home from filming,“ wrote the friend in Instagram. “Don’t hate me”.

However, the damage was already done, and many fans of the Bachelor do not buy the claims of Prewett.

Madison Prewett explains the comment, “true and real”

In an interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe in the podcast Off the Vine, Prewett addressed the comment of Instagram. And even if the star of the reality agree with your previous statement after Graduating with a Season of 24, also is aware that many fans do not believe it. But it really doesn’t matter.

“No one believes me and it doesn’t matter if you say the truth or not because the people are going to have their opinion and believe what they want to believe,” said Prewett. “But the real story is that I have not written that. My friend wrote that. “

The 24-year-old woman, then broke the one that actually fell. “What happened was when I was in the program, I have all these accounts of photography, these accounts differ, and what is,” said Prewett. “My phone number and the addresses were there and the people of the filtering and what resources contacted”.

She continued: “Then, my mother has made that one of his friends pirateara my Instagram to delete and delete those pages. She had access to all my accounts and helped me to remove things and run things a little bit. I was accidentally and commented that. “

Prewett also said that he would have accepted the comment, if it was really her. “To be honest, I would like to have been me, because I think that it’s funny,” he said. “I just want to have it. I thought of buying one of the shirts Nick Viall, repeating and saying: “Yes, this is my life”. But it is not so. Really was my friend. But, again, no one believed in us, and that, also, it is good. “

Prewett joked that you should “start something with” true and real “. But, ultimately, it seems that the student of Auburn learned the reality of having a fan base as big as Bachelor Nation.

“With all of us, it is as if the whole world to be discouraged by something, and everybody has an opinion on everything,” said Prewett. “Then, is not only the world in which we live.”

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