Justice gives Fontenelle 24 hours to delete posts about Felipe Neto and influencer refuses


The case is giving something to talk and has already ended up in court

Once again, Antônia Fontelle made headlines on the internet by posting a controversial video on her Instagram. In it, the celebrity talks about Felipe Neto and pedophilia. In addition, she uses a banana as an example.

“For those who haven’t seen it yet. I invite you to watch the last two videos of our Na Lata! It’s unmissable, whoever has children and takes care of their education, I would say it is indispensable ”, she said. 

Felipe Neto filed a lawsuit against the influencer and wrote on her Twitter: “A presenter associated our image with pedophilia. The judge ordered it to go out in 24 hours. She appealed. Lost. It is already in breach of the court decision. We are waiting for her to delete the posts ”.

Fontelle spoke on Monday afternoon (29), stating that she would not remove the publication:


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