Goodbye, Tristan Thompson! Khloe Kardashian already turned the page


Has passed already more than a year when the tv star Khloe Kardashian put an end to their stormy romantic relationship with the basketball player Tristan Thompsonmarked by the numerous betrayals committed by this and, above all, from that kiss he planted on her lips for Jordyn Woods – then a close friend of Kylie Jenner– in the middle of a party, that has precipitated such a dramatic outcome.

Fortunately for the also a successful entrepreneur, as the corresponding emotional scars of betrayal are already a part of your past, to the point that the sources of his environment, to verify now that Khloe it has definitely passed and that now looks to the future and in all areas of your life, with enthusiasm and optimism.

“This is a topic that Khloe he does not talk, happened a year ago and, although it was very difficult, she does not want to live in function of a lot of negativity. He has worked very hard to turn the page and that is what he did. The only thing that really matters now is the welfare of your daughter True“explained an informant in a conversation with the magazine People.

In fact, to date, the link between Khloe and Tristan it is much less non-existent, as is the need to coordinate and collaborate in a systematic way to equip their small, that fulfill their second year of life next April, in a family environment of absolute normality.

“Their main goal is to immerse yourself in the best possible way. Tristan to raise her daughter, all the rest is secondary. You need to make sure that True you feel loved at all times and that you will always have both parents available,” said the same source.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images


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