Father’s day: the touching story of the struggle of Angel Di Maria for the life of his first daughter


The moving story of Mia, the daughter Of Mary who was admitted in the hospital at birth, but was able to survive


June is usually a special month for

Angel Di Maria

. As had happened during the World cup Brazil 2014. It was in the Copa America 2015, Copa America Centenario 2016. This time he is in


thousands of miles away from the Rosary. What are we talking about? The players of the argentina team celebrate the

Father’s day

concentrated. Some may see their children (families are located in Moscow, 60 km from Bronnitsy, and today do not come close to the complex) and the others have to be content with a phone call. What is certain is that the date coincides, in general, with the competences of the selections. The site in argentina is full of stories of strong emotional impact. From the struggle of My Of Mary for his life, through the tears, the greatest of the sons of Mascherano, as Thiago has changed the life of Lionel Messi or the struggle that has given the daughter of Willy Caballero, to overcome a cancer of the retina.

My Mary

Mine is Of Mary, the daughter of Angel and his wife Jorgelina was born on April 22, 2013 by caesarian section, with only six months of gestation. Yes, a premature birth, which caused her to be hospitalized for nearly two months, in which the parents can not be with her, and she could only visit her twice a day. Of day, to greet. Night, to wish him a good rest. Those days were difficult for the couple, that has made the rounds of the house to the hospital, crying.

Before birth, doctors diagnosed him with a 30% chance. Once admitted, the percentages do not change much. Today, more than five years of its birth, the Mia is a strong girl. And their parents, the two fighters that were in front of several foundations that help the families of premature babies.

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“My daughter taught me that everything can be to know what is the most difficult, at times, can turn into something easy, that most of the effort can be rewarded, taught me to know the suffering and to bear pain, to be stronger. All of this was passed on to me helped me make a spectacular year. I owe it to her and my wife, who are the ones who are always by my side and always bet on me,” said Mary to the newspaper Marca, days after consecrate the champion of the Champions League with Real Madrid, in 2014.

And he added: “it was Not easy, but he had to struggle to move forward. We spent more than two months, we were always with the same parents, the pain unites us, makes us stronger, and we had a great relationship with all of the parents who had children there. My wife continues to speak with them also in a group of WhatsApp. Talk, has posted photos of all the children, we had a great friendship.”

Pia, the second daughter of Angel and Jorgelina

In November of last year was born the Pious, the second son of the family Of Maria Cardoso. Without complications, the birth was expected in the clinic of Neuilly, in Paris. The player of PSG, has released the news by way of the players: he put a ball under your t-shirt in the friendly against Singapore, in the 6-0 victory.




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