Danna Paola has a double-TikTok and the whole world is hallucinating | the Big bang


Tik Tok is as successful as the most of these last few months. The number of characters that is successful in this social network is increasing with the passage of days, and some surprises with each one of the videos posted by: dancing, challenges… and also the imitations!

Users have become crazy to see the strong resemblance between the factor of influence of the application and the Danna Paola. It’s called Michelle Landois paraguay, and his followers add up to a total of more than 276k of Tik Tok and 55k on Instagram. Also, it is not famous for his similarity with the actress, but for the variety of funny videos up to the internet.

The tiktoker they gave account of their great similarity with the mexican thanks to your followers. After receiving dozens of requests to say that they imitate the Bad Reputation and he has done duets, dancing with her, he decided to prove to everyone that you really… you nailed it! And he did it with a video that is characterized by Luthe character of Danna Paola in Eliteand with another, imitating one of the dances that she went to the same social network.

How are they?


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