Coin Master: Free Spin, How To Get The Free Spins Of The Day?

Images: Moon Active

Every day, it is possible to have free spins thanks to official links from the publisher.

In Coin Master, if you run out of spins or coins, there is a system of daily links set up by Moon Active, publisher of the game. These links are completely legal and offered by the publisher in-person to help players. It is possible to have three to five each day.

This system is extremely useful and allows you to play longer, without spending money and above all, without using fraudulent sites which can at any time make you lose your account, or worse. If you want to take advantage of the publisher’s offers which are free, we will list you every day the links to use in the article to find below.

Free spins in Coin Master

If you are looking for free spins to spin the wheel, you have three solutions:

  • wait 1 hour to have 5 free spins passively;
  • pay with euros
  • use daily publisher links to get free rewards, like spins

For the last solution, it is possible to find all the links available during the day on our dedicated article, which you can find by clicking on the “collect ” button.

We remind you that you must be extremely careful of the links you click on. In the case of daily free links, we test them each time before communicating them to you.


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