Alex Morgan and her love affair with a football player mexican


The star of the U. s. The women’s national, Alex Morgannot only for the goals on the football field, even enjoy your wedding mexican american, Servando Carrascothat is also a professional footballer in the MLS.

Her husband was born in Coronado, California, but his parents are mexicans, and most of his childhood he lived in Tijuana, so that their roots are in the nearby country of united States. Spent some time playing with the Orlando City, but after two years he transferred to the los Angeles Galaxy, his current team.

Alex and Servando have started to attend the college as student-athletes. Currently they are one of the few pairs of professional football in the united States. They decided to join their lives, and they were married on the eve of the new year 2015.

Despite the fact that they are a couple stable, both are completely concentrated on their careers of the players, so they had to live apart. Only were together when they both played in Orlando is Orlando Pride and him in Orlando City.

“We have spent a few years in Orlando, and after two years, we have maintained a long-distance relationship”said Servando. “But to be honest, we are used to. We know that the two of them play football and that we don’t have a normal life, how to live under the same roof, but now we are focused on our career.”

The report of Morgan with Mexico

To be married to a man with the mexican roots, the star of the united States, has been soaked in a little of their culture. Also revealed in an interview that her mother-in-law cooks very well for what he has taught more dishes, including desserts, in addition to understand Spanish in a 50 %, just that you need practice.

In terms of the mexican soccer, is not quite follow, but yes, you’re going to a computer. “The truth I follow mexican soccer. I would say that my computer is Xolos because my husband lived in Tijuana and I always knew that having a football team, which has helped a lot to the city. He has brought a lot of positive attention. Xolos would be the team on my radar,” he said on one occasion, in an interview with ESPN.

Against Trump

Alex is not in accordance with the migration policies of Donald Trumpbecause one of the reasons is that her husband and his family are mexican, said Time magazine, which in the case of the american team to win the next World cup women, that is about to begin, he would not be attending the White House.

Servando, a husband proud

Alex and Servando play football; however, she is the face and the head of the american selection, but ensures that, far from feeling jealous that his wife has the reflectors on the top, you feel proud.

“I am not in competition with her. I love her for the person she isand that what is almost secondary. Of course, I am proud of this, there is no doubt about it. When my grandchildren talk to her and admire her, which is better. I mean, things in football, yes, of course, great. But you see them in Time magazine among the 100 most influential people in the world? I’m like, damn. She is making all the difference”he said at the end of an article in the MLS.