5 tips to help you avoid the consequences of training with the flu


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We’ve all read about the many benefits of going for a run, and that, in the final analysis, it is shown that it makes ms happy, ms strong, but we must take into account that not always you can find us at 100%. When we have the influence we find for s a lot more tired, and if you could have consequences for our healing.

The east demonstrated that doing any type of intense physical exercise, but above all go out for a run to the outside, does that stimulate our defenses. For this reason, there are many who recommend running to avoid falling in those times, the cold of the winter. However, to do so when we have already fallen ill is not a good idea.

  • High intensity training involves peaks of stress for the the immune system is fighting against the disease
  • When the the symptoms are more mildyou can go moderate physical activity following the advice of the experts
  • A training course medium intensity-low power transpiracin and keep the body active when the symptoms are subsiding

With the current data on the incidence of influenza in Spain, which reach the 220 cases per 100,000 inhabitants according to the data of the Influenza Surveillance system at the Institute of Health Carlos IIIexperts Zagros Sports recommend moderate or suppress the activity of sport for the duration of the symptoms of the disease in order to promote rapid healing.

Even if flu symptoms are general weakness and muscle pain, many affected tend to continue with the physical exercise, without having in mind that the practice of a physical activity very intense, compromises the immune system, making it more difficult for the recovery from a state of health. On the contrary, opt for the performance of exercise of moderate intensity-low to be usefulfacilitating the transpiracin and contribute to the good functioning of the agency, its back to normal.

The problem lies in the fact that, the body is subjected to two sources of stress: sports in the s and fight the virus. This stress further forces the immune system to stop the fight against the infection, lengthening the time of the disease and opening the door to complications or diseases ms serious, as can be the neumona.

All of the above reasons, combined with the lack of appetite, which goes hand in hand with symptoms of influenza-like illness. “The intake of soft foods, such as broth or stock, are a source of energy is limited and insufficient to train in an intense manner,” says Sergio Daza. Therefore, the main recommendations for the training of lower intensity than usual, below the normal range.

In the days where is east incubation the virus the influence or when the symptoms are subsiding, that is to say, in that moment, that feeling of discomfort is less, you can practice a moderate physical activity. In fact, supondr benefits for the body, as they increase the transpiracin, are not a loss of muscle mass and keep the body active.

The Director of Health of the Zagros Sports Puerta de Europa recommends the following guidelines for the train when you have the process of vrico of influence:

  1. Go to the gym or training centre from the fourth gives with the influence. Usually, then, when the fever and pains are gone, also if they persist, other symptoms such as coughing and nasal secretion.
  2. Basic training on cardio exercises at moderate intensity. Structure your workout around exercises of low-medium intensity, which do not involve a large consumption of energy. The best exercises are career on tape or in bicycle, the addresses of the cardio vascular, the work of the joint mobility and stretching to relieve muscle pain and fatigue and widespread body stiff, which should recover the dynamism and energy.
  3. When a fever occurs or there is a risk that it may increase the temperature of the body, you should avoid any exercise that involves too much effort, and drinking a lot of liquids. Doing sports with a fever can cause a deshidratacin if you do not take the appropriate measures.
  4. The appeal, as, for a layer ms of the coat and to always protect the neck areamore prone to cooling.
  5. Ask for advice to professionals the best way to deal with this situation and how to regain, little by little, the normality and the routine training needed to meet personal goals.


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